Adam and Tonya Engst announced Monday that author Joe Kissell had bought their Take Control book business. In a blog post, Adam Engst described the deal as, “an entirely positive move that lets all of us get out of our respective ruts and take on new challenges.” The TidBits site and its respective email lists will continue to operate as they have, and were not part of the transaction. There’s a FAQ for the deal existing TidBits members and Take Control customers may want to check out, but the bottom line appears to be that things will continue as they have, except that Joe Kissell and his wife, Morgen Jahnke, will be running the book business. The Mac Observer would like to offer a high five to all concerned, and we look forward to the next stage of Take Control‘s business.

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  1. Macfox

    All the very best to Joe and his wife. Adam and Tonya have done the Mac community a great service over the years and I applaud Joe for taking over.

    Bob Meyers

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