‘Today at Apple’ Launches with a Great Drum Beat

Check out the drum beat in this new Today at Apple YouTube video. OK, maybe the drummer isn’t the point of the video, but man, I love it. The video promotes the company’s Today at Apple website, which launched on Tuesday. This service is designed to make it easy to find out what’s going on at your local Apple Store. Actually, they’re just called Apple now, but you know, Apple’s global fleet of retail stores. For instance, at Apple Palo Alto, there’s a Photo Walk at 11:45 AM PDT—well, that’s tomorrow, but think of “Today” as more like “during the next 24 hours or so.” There are also a couple of Kids Hours near me and a Photo Walk at another Apple Store. The site has big, bold photos and additional information for each of the events, and it’s part of senior vice president Angela Ahrendts’s efforts to turn Apple retail locations into community hangouts. What do you think?

Check It Out: ‘Today at Apple’ Launches with a Great Drum Beat

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