In a new video, Tom Hanks, the writer, and star of Greyhound tells the story behind the film. It revolves around the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II and the perilous journeys convoys had to make across the ocean. It will be available on Apple TV+ from Friday.

Check It Out: Tom Hanks Tells The Story Behind ‘Greyhound’

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  1. wab95

    Impressive, Lee. Thanks for sharing. If it’s not too intrusive, do you mind sharing when you served aboard the ship?

    I have deep and wistful respect for all those who have served. My entire immediate and extended family has served through every conflict and in every major branch of the military. I grew up with the assumption that I would not simply join the military (most likely the Navy, even though my parents were both Air Force), but beginning in late childhood and through adolescence, actively prepared for special forces, meeting all of the published requirements I knew of by age 16. My family, OTOH, insisted instead that I go to school and stay in school, emphasising that they had served so that I could do something else with my life. They even declined my request to send me to a military academy. Taking that to heart, I dedicated myself to becoming a different kind of warrior in an underserved area of need, but I still get misty eyed around those who have served their country, wherever it might be, in the cloth.

    This weekend, while we’re watching the movie, I’ll nonchalantly let my wife know that I know a guy who served aboard that ship. While I don’t think that she’ll be surprised, she will be impressed, as am I.

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