I am so in love with this Hallmark Christmas tree ornament, despite it’s terrible official name of “Star Trek™ Tribble Fabric Ornament With Sound and Motion.” Come on, it’s a tribble! And it coos! And it shakes when you squeeze it! I need, like, 600 (at $19.99 each) of these things all piled up beneath my Christmas tree. There’s a video of this thing on the Hallmark site. I’d embed it if they’d let me, but as it is, you simply must go visit the product page and play the video yourself. Check it out!

Check It Out: The Trouble with Tribble Christmas Tree Ornament

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  1. wab95


    Tribbles, whether dangling from a tree or just lying about, are indeed cool. Moreover, they prove a point, namely that culture is dynamic.

    It’s intriguing that what was once panned as a bad episode of a failing television show has now become a one-word recognisable cultural icon of a booming franchise.

    As one Starfleet science officer might say, ‘Fascinating’.

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