Turn Your Pull-Chain Ceiling Fan Into a Smart Fan

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I’ve found a cool HomeKit-compatible device that can turn an ordinary ceiling fan into a smart fan. That’s the one thing missing in my smart home setup right now, my ceiling fan. I can turn my lights on and off with Phillips Hue, but that won’t control those spinning fan blades. Hunter Fans has an accessory that will. The Hunter SIMPLEconnect looks pretty cool and easy to install (if you’ve ever installed your own ceiling fan.) It uses a Bluetooth receiver wired directly into almost any ceiling fan with pull chains. There’s a Bluetooth controller that plugs into an electrical outlet and a remote control for quick adjustments. The final piece in the puzzle is the Hunter SIMPLEconnect app, which you install on your iPhone. Et voilà, you’ll have a smart ceiling fan that you can control straight from your iPhone.

Check It Out: Turn Your Pull-Chain Ceiling Fan Into a Smart Fan

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  1. Jeff Butts

    Corey, thanks for giving us that head’s up. I made the mistake of assuming that all of Hunter Fan’s ceiling fan products were HomeKit-compatible. I’ve updated the article accordingly.

  2. Cory Imdieke

    Note that these add-on modules don’t support HomeKit, only their app. The only way to get HomeKit support is to buy one of their HomeKit fans which includes this module built-in.

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