Twobird, an email app from the team behind Notability, was updated recently with a couple of new productivity features for users. You can now organize your schedule in Twobird with a clean built-in calendar, scroll through your calendar to get an overview of your upcoming events and reminders for the week; connect multiple Gmail accounts and choose which to display, and all your reminders (for notes or emails) appear in your calendar so that you never miss a task. It also lets you attach a Twobird note to any calendar event to add context for you and your attendees. Another new feature is Thread muting, which allows you to mute threads you’re not interested in. Muted threads will skip the inbox so that you do not have to constantly archive irrelevant messages from large threads.

Check It Out: Notability’s Email App ‘Twobird’ Updated With a Calendar, Thread Muting

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