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I might have found my new favorite search engine. I like DuckDuckGo for its privacy, but folks have raised concerns about its US-based location. I’m also not happy that it doesn’t actually deliver Google search results. Instead, it serves up its own. StartPage, on the other hand, delivers actual Google search results in absolute privacy. It’s Google without tracking. They do this by submitting your query to Google stripped of identifying information. You even get a free proxy with every result. So, you can visit a third-party website without your internet service provider knowing about it. Even better, StartPage doesn’t track your searches or log your IP address. It’s such a privacy-minded search engine that it consistently meets or exceeds the requirements of EuroPriSe. Even Edward Snowden recommended it. Plus, StartPage offers many of the same tools as a normal Google search. This includes refining your results to only show images or videos. If a search engine can be sexy, this one sure is.

Check It Out: Use Google Without Tracking in StartPage

4 thoughts on “Use Google Without Tracking in StartPage

  • Hi Liz,
    StartPage works as my default search engine in 10.9.5. I guess there are benefits to not being an early adopter!
    However……. Why does StartPage create a database, and an unsecure one at that, every time I start Safari? This concerns me.

  • Hi palkinho. would love to be a search engine option on Safari. Perhaps if enough people ask Apple, they’ll add it. (Maybe we need to start a petition?)

    There are ways to add StartPage as your search engine choice. Here is an article at StartPage support for how to do that.

    Hi sadamson27. Many people mistakenly think that when they bang from DuckDuckGo into Google that they are protected. That’s not the case. When you bang into Google, it’s just like visiting Google directly. (I think there needs to be more education about this to protect DDG users.)

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