Heads up iPhoneographers: this virtual photo studio lets you work with models, studio lights, and more. Each model is based on a real person, and you can place them into any scene you want, like a beach, studio, or desert. You can pose the model how you want, then use virtual lights and light modifiers to create your shot. Color corrections can be applied in real time, and you can change the direction of the sun and add weather like snow. The brains behind the app is Superba AR CEO Raffael Dickreuter, who has worked in the visual effects industry in Hollywood with movies like Iron Man and Avengers 2. The app is pricey though, costing US$10. App Store: Photo Studio – AR

Check It Out: This AR App Gives You a Virtual Photo Studio

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  1. boroughbloke

    The relevance of the girl with the outsized breasts is only to be guessed at by juveniles, I guess?

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