Based on Fuji’s discontinued T64 film, FT6 gives photos cool tones perfect for dim city nights and soft, overcast days. It’s a good way to offset the orange and yellow tones commonly found with tungsten light, like from street lamps. But you don’t need that kind of light to edit with FT6. It works great for coastal fog, snowy days, or turning daytime scenes into nighttime scenes with the following recipe: FT6, Exposure (-6.0), and Contrast (+2.0).

VSCO X is a membership program for the photography app VSCO. It’s a yearly subscription that offers exclusive film emulation presets. Members also have access to the entire library of 130+ presets. The membership costs US$19.99/year.

App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

The Mac Observer has a full list of Film X presets that gets updated with each new release, as well as a list of the classic presets.

Check It Out: VSCO X February 2020 Film: FT6

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