The Mac Observer’s Kelly Guimont just shared a cool website with me and it’s called Wash Your Lyrics. You type in the name of any song title and song artist and it generates a graphic that shows you the proper method for washing your hands along with the time it takes to synchronize with the first 20 or so seconds of the song. We’ve typed in a bunch of different songs and so far Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 2) by Pink Floyd is the best one.

Check It Out: How to Figure Out The Correct Length of Time for Hand Washing

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  1. geoduck

    On CBC this morning they had an even better one. Recite the monologue from the beginning of Star Trek The Next Generation. (Space, the final frontier…) It takes about 25 seconds. If you are in a public washroom, then recite it out loud. Now THAT would be geek cred.

  2. Macsee

    The amazing thing is that people needs the coronavirus outbreak to wash their hands. Bash your hands before eating. Always.

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