Watch a Tesla Model S Get Blown to Smithereens

When Tuomas Katainen learned it would cost half the value of his car to repair his 2013 Tesla Model S, even though it had less than a thousand miles on it, he did what any rational human being would do. He had a crew strap 66 pounds of dynamite to it and blow it to kingdom come. Katainen started experiencing errors with the electric vehicle, and his local repair shop told him it needed the entire battery replaced. That work would have set the Finnish man back €20,000, or about $22,600 USD. Since the 2014 Tesla Model S retails at around $43,000 USD in Finland, Katainen had every reason to be spiteful. He reached out to a local YouTuber known as Pommijätkät, or Bomb Dudes, to help him exact his revenge on the misbehaving motor vehicle. They took the Tesla to an old quarry, set up the cameras, and wired up the dynamite. You can see the rest for yourself.

Check It Out: Watch a Tesla Model S Get Blown to Smithereens

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