Got thirty minutes to spare? If so, I have a video for you. It’s called Watch CarPlay Read Every iPhone Emoji, and it was produced by (via The Next Web). It may be one of the most ridiculous things I have experienced, so I’m pretty keen to get you in on the action, too. The idea is simple: One person sent another person a text message using every emoji in iOS 9.x—all 1,064 of them. Firstly, can you imagine the time making that message took? But wait, it gets better, because they then had CarPlay in what looks like a Honda read that text message. And when Siri is reading emoji, she reads the name of that emoji. Put it all together, and you get this 29 minute and 27 second video. It’s delightful, agonizing, beautiful, horrific, and funny, all wrapped up in one. Enjoy!

Check It Out: Watch CarPlay Siri Read Every iPhone Emoji (Video)

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