Watch Tim Cook’s Duke University Commencement Speech

Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook’s commencement speech for the graduating class of 2018 of Duke University. Topics include lessons he learned from Steve Jobs, including the important of “never [being] content.” He encouraged the class to “think different[ly],” and to seek change on important issues such as global warming, privacy, fighting racism, and other areas. Other topics include channeling his heroes Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Mr. Cook is an alumnus from Duke, making this address a return to his alma mater. He also praised the Parkland shooting survivors for getting involved in change, and also those who spoke up in the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns. “If you hope to change the world, you must find your fearlessness,” he said. It was one of the more impassioned speeches I’ve watched Mr. Cook deliver. Those who disagree with social justice elements of his speech will likely pan it, while those who agree will give high marks. (Time has the transcript, in case you can’t watch the video).

Check It Out: Watch Tim Cook’s Duke University Commencement Speech

One thought on “Watch Tim Cook’s Duke University Commencement Speech

  • I was hoping that since Tim Cook was concerned about global warming that he would have appeared by video to make the speech instead of using all that jetfuel to fly a jet there. Do you realize the gallons of fuel and pounds of carbon it took to get everyone to that speech? But hey, it gets articles like this to be written.

    Global warming consistently ranks at the bottom of voter concerns. I think we intuitively understand it is a pressure issue concocted to justify taxes and regulations.

    The opioid epidemic is real and is costing lives. So both conservatives and liberals want action against it. Global warming is all about scaring people and that’s why we (as free people) reject it.

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