Oh my goodness, but do I love this video? Yes! Yes, I love this video! It’s from some show called The Computer Chronicles in 1995, and it features our own Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus (starting at 8:17) introducing the first Mac clone from Power Computing. He was working for Power Computing in those days as head of PR. Check out that ponytail and jacket he’s sporting (Squeeeeeeeee!). This video also has a segment with Jack Colt from DayStar demoing a multi-processing Mac clone that was a massive powerhouse in its day, as well as a segment on Oracle, and then an interview with Tim Bajarin. Oh, and they’re showing off some new fangled thing called Java. What blast from the past! Jim Tanous of TekRevue sent me the link because he loves me.

Check It Out: Way-Back-When Video: 1995 and Power Computing with Bob LeVitus

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  1. wab95

    Bryan, Jim:


    Bob, do you miss that ponytail?

    As for Power Computing, it brings back memories. I bought one such computer to take with me with my first posting overseas, primarily due to its cheaper cost compared to Apple. It did not survive more than a couple of months in the harsh tropical clime to which it was subjected, whereas my Apple laptop (pre PowerBook era) did just fine (and still works).

    My takeaway, you get what you pay for. Before SJ returned and withdrew clone licensing, I had already decided, specs per dollar aside, Apple’s machines were simply better made, and to stick with Apple.

    But what a tour down memory lane!

  2. Jamie

    This is precisely why I love this site and why it’s the first I check everyday. It kinda makes me sad that it’s something younger folks will never really get about the Apple/Mac culture. Will they look back on tweets or blog posts this way? I doubt it. We’re fighting back for the Mac/iPhone/Apple Watch etc. and ad infinitum. 😉

  3. Bob LeVitus

    Jim Tanous of TekRevue sent me the link because he loves me.

    …and Bryan ran this article because he loves me. Thanks, Bryan. I haven’t seen that in at least a decade. And now I know where to find it anytime! Thanks to Jim Tanous!

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