WeTransfer added a collage tool to its Paper app. You can clip and arrange multiple images on a page and cut them out or slice them up. This feature can be used for scrapbooking, mood boarding, and visual note taking. And since Paper also added an integration with Unsplash, it’s easy to find a beautiful photo right from the app. Kris Martin, product manager for Paper by WeTransfer, said: “While an army of apps have offered countless new ways to layer, retouch, and filter your photos, there’s still something missing. The simple, tangible experience of clipping and arranging images together has never been faithfully translated to our touch screens. With our latest release, Paper invites creators of all ages to rediscover the experience of cutting and combining images we all had when we were young. It’s simple, intuitive, and useful for creators of any age.” Mr. Martin also wrote an article about the collage tool.

Check It Out: WeTransfer Adds a Collage Tool to Paper

WeTransfer Adds a Collage Tool to Paper
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