It’s now possible to download Windows 95 on your Mac right now, as an app. You can run it on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Slack developer Felix Rieseberg has created the electron app, and published the source code and app installers on Github. Apps like Wordpad, MS Pain, and Minesweeper all run just fine, like they would on the actual operating system. However, it seems like Internet Explorer can’t load web pages. The app is 129MB and only uses about 200MB of RAM, even if you’re running it with multiple apps and programs running. If you run into problems, you can reset Windows 95 inside the app and start over.

Check It Out: Download Windows 95 On Your Mac As An App

Download Windows 95 On Your Mac As An App

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  1. cubefan

    That version of Internet Explorer never could load web pages ;-).
    Didn’t become Internet Exploder for no good reason.
    Must try it and have a laugh.

    Nothing wrong with a virtual box you can blow away.

  2. paikinho

    May test this to see if Warcraft 2 BNE can run on it.
    Then can test my old Hasbro version of Axis and Allies and a few other legacy games.

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