Wow, Microsoft Surface Laptop is $999 of Sexy

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OK, this hurts a little, but I’m going to be try and be strong: the new Microsoft Surface Laptop is sexy. There, I said it. It’s $999 of sexy. It’s sleek. It’s light. It has 14 hours of battery life. But most of all, it’s pretty. I mean, it’s astounding, right? A Microsoft laptop, and it’s pretty. And the company’s Surface Arc Mouse is also pretty. Yeah, and sexy. And at $999 (mouse sold separately), Surface Laptop is even compelling. John Martellaro wrote a good piece looking at Surface Laptop from a technical standpoint, but I think the fact that’s it’s sexy as can be deserves highlighting. Under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is becoming an all new company. And with this device, Microsoft has thrown the gauntlet down in a big way. And I’m hoping Apple comes back swinging in an even bigger way. Below is Mark Gurman’s hands-on look for Bloomberg that includes a nice look at the mouse.

Check It Out: Wow, Microsoft Surface Laptop is $999 of Sexy

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  1. mrboba1

    I don’t always agree with Geoduck, but when I do, I drink Dos…uhh, well yeah, maybe I do.

    But seriously, everything he says above is right on target. All their Macs need to be updated for a completely fresh Q1.

  2. Lancashire-Witch

    I agree geoduck. What are all those people doing in Cupertino – just getting excited about moving office? Or has Apple succumbed to big company paralysis where it takes aeons to reach a decision; or maybe they all focussed on the next big thing (or things). Who knows! But very little is coming out of the famous product “pipeline” ….

  3. Jeff Butts

    @ruurd, I’m not sure that $49 qualifies as a “nice chunk of money.” I’ve paid more than that for single apps. Antivirus can be had for free (ClamAV is good), and MS Office comes with it for a year. After that, you can keep MS Office for as low as $7.50 per month. I agree that 4GB of RAM is light for a laptop, but Windows 10 is much better at memory management than its predecessors ever were.

    I hate to say it, because I love (almost) all things AAPL, but the Surface Laptop looks pretty good from my standpoint. The only drawback is the single USB 3.0 port (which can be cured with a USB hub) and lack of USB-C.

  4. ruurd

    Something has to give. Even less ports than a Macbook. 4G of memory for starters? Come on. So forget about the 999 price point. If you buy one of those you have a dud at your hand. Then the operating system. Crippled. Or upgradable for a nice chunk of money. Then factor in the price for Office. And AntiVirus. And backup. And the countless hours fighting the thing because it does not want to do what you ask from it…
    So. Sexy? Hardly. That alcantara thing… Come on. When are we getting deluxe carpet on the thing?

  5. Rick Allen

    I agree the design is super sexy. In some ways its a possible Retina MacBook Air realized in windows 10 world. Yet it has other advantages in that it can also be a thin and light powerhouse. I maxed out the laptop and to get a 13 inch MacBook Pro with similar specs is quite a bit more money. I really want to see if the experience is as my Surface Pro 4.

  6. mactoid

    Yes, certainly they are externally sexy, but they still all run Windows, a fatal flaw in my book.

  7. geoduck

    This is the entry level laptop Apple should be making
    Following on the heels of John M.s article about the HP desktop that was the pro machine Apple should be making.
    Apple has some serious work to do to catch up to the rest of the PC world.
    Step 1: Price the bottom MacBook at $999. Not in September. Not at WWDC. NOW.
    Step 2: Get that updated iMac out at WWDC.
    Step 3: Preview the new Mac Pro at WWDC and get it out this fall, not next year, not sometime, not maybe.

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