I love this story from Vice Motherboard. So much. It was penned by Syambra Moitozo, a former student of Steve Wozniak’s back when he was teaching elementary school. It’s a lovely look back at the 1995 school year, when Mr. Wozniak taught the 5th grade class of a Santa Cruz elementary school where his own daughter was enrolled. He bought the class computers, pulled apart floppy drives to show them what each part did, and spoiled them with McDonald’s Happy Meals. It has some wonderful images, all owned by Getty, so you’ll need to go read the article to see them. One of them brings joy to my heart and a grin to my face. The quote below also made me laugh out loud, alone in my office working at my desk.

Looking back now, I think “The Woz” being something of a tech God was lost on us, as were many things when we were 10. I think we all just thought of him as Sara’s cool, super smart dad who made computers. We also thought it was cool that another girl’s dad was a firefighter, and that our class pet rabbit would eat pretty much anything you fed it. We were kids.

Check It Out: A Great Story about Steve Wozniak Teaching 5th Graders in 1995

A Great Story about Steve Wozniak Teaching 5th Graders in 1995
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