Check out the x-connect magnetic USB cable on Indiegogo. Now, they don’t put it this way, but I see the USB cable equivalent of Apple’s soon-to-be-gone MagSafe. Using a small dongle for your iPhone, Android device, or USB port, x-connect’s highly magnetic cable quick-attaches (and quick-releases) to your device. Part of their sales pitch is that you can use a different dongle for any kind of device making the cable itself universal. I’m personally less interested in that—I don’t have an Android device—but I do love the idea of magnetically connecting all of my charging cables on my iPhone and iPad. To that end, the company has already raised US$187,000 out of an initial $30,000 goal. There are three days left in the campaign. with funding options that net you a cable and 1x dongle starting at $22. There’s a ton of information, images, and videos on the project’s page.

Check It Out: x-connect Magnetically Connecting Lightning/USB Cables on Indiegogo

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