Your WiFi Doubles as Home Security Tech with Hex

Home security systems can be expensive, complicated combinations of DIY sensors and hubs, or all of the above. Worse, the sensors are prone to false alarms, especially motion detectors. What if your home security system worked by deciphering how bodies, yours or others’, interacted with invisible waves already moving through your house? I’m talking about interpreting how your WiFi signals bounce off people and objects. If that sounds too far-fetched, it isn’t. Hex Home is redefining home security by doing just that. The system uses your existing WiFi waves to detect motion in your home. Hex is fully customizable, allowing you to configure sensitivity so your furry friends or curtains moving in the wind don’t trigger the alarm. You can even set automated times for the alarm to arm or disarm.

Check It Out: Your WiFi Doubles as Home Security Tech with Hex

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