The YouTube Apple TV app just got a big redesign. The new design brings it in line with the YouTube app on iOS and the web. The old app had a single navigation bar that linked to different sections. The new app features a universal search bar with dedicated categories like Food, Music, Gaming, Entertainment, Technology, Comedy, and more. This should make it easier to find videos that resonate with your interests. There is a navigation bar on the left side of the UI, where you’ll find your subscriptions, library, viewing history, and settings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though the new app supports 4K videos. Although 4K videos are listed as 4K, it appears that the maximum resolution is 1080p when you look at the video details. The new update is available today.

Check It Out: The YouTube Apple TV App Just Got a Huge Redesign

The YouTube Apple TV App Just Got a Huge Redesign
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