Download Music & Videos on your phone without an App!

There is so much one can do with a mobile phone nowadays that people often joke around the fact that the only drawback is that we can’t use them as fridges yet. Whether you find that funny or not depends on your sense of humour but at least it is true that a phone can do quite a lot of things: take pictures, play games, send emails, listen to music… there are many applications and paying services that will help you escape boredom in any way possible, but you can also use an mp3 converter to get your favorite music and video content from  youtube and many other websites completely Free.

Now, people joke about the internet’s instability when you are using a computer and a router, but when you’re using a cellphone, it’s not that much easier. Sometimes even at your own place you will have to give in and use wifi for your own peace of mind.

Many people will use their phone as their mp3 player. When you’re lucky, you can have a few apps and buy your favorite tunes, but if you don’t have that much of a budget to being with, it can be a little tricky to build up a nice playlist, no matter what content you’re looking for.

However, if you have a browser on your phone, can be useful there. It’s a website that helps you convert any video online into a high quality MP3 file. It used to be all about Youtube but thankfully the technology has evolved and you can find whatever you want pretty much anywhere (the website even has a list of compatible websites, if yours isn’t on there, you can ask the team to help you out). You simply input your search terms or a URL, and once you confirm the download, you get a high quality file in a matter of seconds.

You might wonder what the point is if access to the Internet is constant. Well, for starters, as much as we wish for it to be, mobile internet is not that stable. That’s where this website comes in: using mobile phones frequently means you’re often on the go, and are not necessarily using it at home. Which means that whenever you want to refresh your playlist, you need to access content quickly just in case your connexion breaks. Thanks to the tool, when you are done retrieving your files, you could be on the train in a tunnel that you’d still have access to your entertainment.

It is, in fact, so efficient and simple that it’s entirely free, and you don’t even need to register for the website. Even better: you don’t even need to download an app, everything can be done from the site itself, which has been adapted to fit most electronic devices on the market. The perfect quick and easy solution to make sure you don’t run out of content.

There is so much free and legal content out there that this is actually the perfect occasion to entertain yourself while maybe learning new things, like improving your language skills for example. Imagine going on a long plane trip… you could put those hours to good use. If you have an extra long commute to work, this could work out quite nicely, too. If you can imagine it, the internet will probably have someone out there who has made it so you can listen to it.

So remember: if you want to make sure to have enough entertainment to last for hours at a time, [MP3Hub] will be the perfect tool for you to use. Now it’s just about making sure your memory card is big enough for all that content… we wouldn’t want you to run out, right?