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Apple should sue Dodge Corp., out of general principle

Apple should sue Dodge Corp., out of general principle

by , 1:30 PM EST, March 7th, 2001

Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.

Claud Cockburn

Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this is ridiculous.

What I'm referring to is Dodge Corp's shameless print- and TV ads featuring the line "Dodge. Different."

Now, where have I heard a similar line before?

Sure, there are times when two or more people can dip from the same well of creativity, but coincidences usually happen at lower levels than that of national-and international advertising.

Normally, public imitation of Apple Computer's style and substance doesn't bother me; as a Mac user, I've come to expect it. But what sets me on edge about Dodge has been two things:

  1. the incessant barrage of the "Dodge. Different" mantra.
  2. the fact that Apple isn't pursuing Dodge with the aggressiveness that the company usually pursues, say, a Web site that promotes cyber-cards similar to iCards.

I don't know why I get upset over something as "small" as this. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact Apple's ads aren't nearly as pervasive as Dodge's. Dodge avails itself of print, radio and TV. Apple ads can be found among that Holy Trinity of advertising media, but nowhere near the omnipresence that Dodge displays.

I'm sure that's what's bothering me.

We are always hearing about how Apple has billions of dollars in the bank. And we hear of how Apple is spending millions of dollars on advertising. More needs to be done. The Intels and Dells of the world are on TV nearly every time I turn it on, yet, I have to look for Apple ads (go to and you will see that Apple even has to tell you what times and stations on which you can find the company's sparse ads).

If Apple is so scarce with ad placement, then the company should at least protect its marketing concept so that others don't benefit from their derivative attempts.

After all, Apple's biggest asset is its image. Then, it is paramount that the company protects its image. If Dodge's "Different" ads aren't infringing on Apple's image and intellectual property, then neither were those people who had the imitation iCards site, dammit

'Nuff said.

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