Everything You Need To Know About VPN

We live in the information age, and we are used to doing things fast. There’s no need to go physically to the bank. If you need to transfer money, it is enough if you log in on your bank’s account, using a smartphone or a laptop. This way, you don’t even need to leave your bed. Unfortunately, although we can complete tasks that previously would take us much longer in mere seconds, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any dangers too. If you do something irresponsible, and f.e. connect your device to a public wi-fi that is targeted by hackers, you could easily lose your savings. If you have a VPN installed on your device, you wouldn’t need to worry about third parties logging into your bank account.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

If you have a VPN installed on your device, your device can connect to a private network instead of a public one. Why is it that important? According to the experts at Security Gladiators, if you use a VPN, all the data that is sent from your device will be encrypted, which means that no one will be able to access your private information. It’s not only about privacy – if you become a target of the hackers, they might be able to log in to your bank account and steal all your money. It means that if you often connect to public wi-fi, you should ever do so with a VPN on your device. Okay, but apart from increasing the security of your device, what are the other uses of VPNs?

  • It is common for companies to use VPNs to decrease the possibility of leaks. If all the employees use VPNs, then the company can monitor what files are being sent by their employees and what are the websites that they visit. Apart from protecting from leaks, VPNs are also helpful when it comes to increasing the productivity of the employees. How? It is possible to ban certain websites, such as Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram, to make it easier for the employees to focus solely on their work.

  • Popular streaming services, like Hulu or Netflix, offer different content to the users, depending on where they live. It might be problematic, as you might not watch certain tv series or movies if you are traveling around the world. How to solve this problem? If you install a VPN on your device, you’ll be able to change your IP address. This way, no matter where you go, you’ll be able to access all the content.

  • If you are tired of seeing ads that are frighteningly accurate and would like to make your online activity anonymous, then you should consider installing a VPN. This way, your Internet Service Provider wouldn’t have access to your online history, as your connection would be encrypted. Usually, the data collected by your ISP would then be sold to third parties to create “tailored ad experience”. It is possible to avoid that if you equip your PC or a smartphone with a reliable VPN.

Stay away from free VPNs!

More and more people become aware of what VPNs are, though their increased popularity can also be dangerous. Apart from reliable VPNs, you can also find some shady ones. Not every single free VPN is dangerous to your device, but it is not a small number. A 2016 study revealed that more than one-third of examined VPNs contained malware. It means that software that was meant to protect your device from external threats could help hackers gain access to your private information. Most of the tested VPNs did not contain malware, but the user experience wasn’t that great either due to slow connection speeds and a lot of ads. Even the best-known VPNs usually don’t cost that much money, and they can save your device from hackers. Before you decide which VPN you’ll install on your device, we encourage you to read reviews from various sites. This way, you’ll decrease the possibility that you are fooled by a paid review.

Avoid being tracked!

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking that all of our data could become known to anonymous third parties. Although if you don’t visit shady websites, and avoid connecting to public wi-fi’s, the chances that you’ll become a target of a hacker attack aren’t significant, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you install a VPN on your device, you won’t have to worry that any third party will gain access to your online activity.

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