New Earnings and Old Controllers

Sizing up phone sales, prepping for an earnings report, and again with all the OS betas.  All that and more from today’s Observation Deck.

Plenty of iPads to Go Around

Turns out there are still plenty of iPads, updated operating systems approach, more Apple TV goodness and the icky state of smartphones.

A New, Confusing iPad Lineup; Confounding Apple TV Specs; and More on iPhone Production

New iPads, Apple TVs to confound, and iPhone production cuts. Check out what we can see from the Observation Deck today.


A good news/bad news note from Credit Suisse, Apple Watch as sticky attachment, and a chance to own some of Steve Jobs’ stuff.

Apple Helps You Save Money, Pays More Fines, and Other Sightings from the Observation Deck

Spending and saving with Apple Card, $19 million will be fine for Brazil, and streaming titles in plastic form.