Apple, Other Tech Companies Aren't Openly Opposing Trump's Second Travel Ban

The second targeted travel ban to come from the White House has been temporarily blocked, but this time the fight didn’t include support from Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. They weren’t, however, alone in skipping out on signing the brief opposing the ban because less than half the companies that signed the previous brief participated in this one.

Bob LeVitus's 'Working Smarter for Mac Users' Available Now [Update]

Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitus released a new book Tuesday, Working Smarter for Mac Users. It’s a productivity book specifically written for Mac users, and it combines Bob’s own techniques for overcoming procrastination with his decades of learning how to get the absolute most out of his Mac. [Update: Working Smarter for Mac Users is now live on iBooks. – Bryan]

Wikileaks Giving CIA's iPhone Spy Code to Apple

Apple may have patched most of the security flaws that Wikileaks revealed the CIA is exploiting, but not all of them. Apple has been scrambling trying to learn more about the remaining exploits and it looks like the help it needs is coming directly from Wikileaks. The organization said it plans to share everything it knows about the hacks with Apple, and it’s going to do the same for other tech companies the CIA targeted, too.