Spectre Camera Adds New Depth to My Photos

· Charlotte Henry · Quick Look Review

Spectre was named Apple’s iOS app of the year earlier this month, and a quick test of the AI-powered long-exposure camera lens reveals why.

Review: Print iPhone Photos Using Motif

· Andrew Orr · Quick Look Review

Photos look different on your screen than they do printed out. Motif is one such service to print iPhone photos, and Andrew tried it out.

Apple Arcade: LEGO Brawls is Brick Busting Fun

· Charlotte Henry · Quick Look Review

LEGO Brawls featured

LEGO Brawls is good, silly, fun and an excellent start to Apple Arcade – join a team and work to capture or hold the flag for your side.

Apple Arcade: Mini Motorways Is an Addictive Strategy Game I Can't Stop Playing

· Bryan Chaffin · Quick Look Review

It’s easy to learn and hard to master; each game takes roughly 20 minutes; it has a beautiful and mesmerizing music machine for a soundtrack; it absolutely has that just-one-more quality. In short, it’s a great game and a terrific reason to subscribe to Apple Arcade.

Review: Take Breadcrumb Next Time You Camp or Hike

· Andrew Orr · Quick Look Review

Breadcrumb is a tracking device that you can carry with you when you go camping or hiking, or place it with an item you won’t want to lose.