macOS: How to Check Folder Sizes in Bulk

· Andrew Orr · How-To

Andrew learned of this tip a couple of minutes ago. If you’ve ever wondered how to check folder sizes in bulk, here’s how to do it.

Getting Started With an Apple TV 4K

· John Martellaro · How-To

Apple TV 4K

4K/UHD TV is emerging as mainstream. It has proven advantages and is here to stay. If you’re planning to make the leap, this article will help you get started.

macOS: Automate Your Mac with Smart Folders

· Andrew Orr · How-To

Smart Folders are kind of a hidden feature of macOS, but can greatly help you manage and organize your files. Here’s how to get started.

A New iPhone and New Apple Watch Set Up Guide

· John Martellaro · How-To

iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3

So you’re getting a new iPhone soon. And maybe a new Apple Watch as well. Getting your devices properly set up can be confusing, so John has put together a new iPhone and new Apple Watch set up guide to make sure everything goes smoothly.

How to Pick Just the Right Apple Watch Series 4

· John Martellaro · How-To

Apple Watch Series 4

The new Apple Watch Series 4 has lots of color, connectivity, and case material options. John shows you how to navigate Apple’s website to select just the Apple Watch you want.