CleanMyMac X Cleans, Protects, and Speeds Up your Mac [Sponsored]

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Screenshot of CleanMyMac X scan results

Please join us in thanking MacPaw, makers of CleanMyMac X, for sponsoring TMO here this week. CleanMyMac X is a complete one-stop solution to clean, protect, and speed up your Mac. You can also use its Smart Scan feature to remove hard-to-find junk and optimize your system.

TMO CES 2020 Coverage Sponsor: Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich Software

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

It is my pleasure to have Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich Software on board with us as one of our CES 2020 coverage sponsors this year. Covering CES takes a huge amount of time, effort, and expense, and with folks like those at Bombich Software on board, we’re really able to sift through all the noise at CES and properly serve you, our Apple-focused audience.

TMO CES 2020 Coverage Sponsor: TextExpander

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TextExpander Logo from Smile

Please join me in offering a warm thank you to TextExpander – and the folks behind it at Smile – for joining us and sponsoring our CES 2020 coverage this year. Sifting through all the noise at CES to highlight products that are relevant for all of us Apple-focused-folk takes a lot of effort, time, and expense. It often starts in mid-November, and continues through this week. Without TextExpander and sponsors like them, this simply wouldn’t be possible at the level we’re able to do it for you this week.

TMO CES 2020 Coverage Sponsor: Other World Computing

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Please join me in giving sincere thanks to Other World Computing for helping sponsor our TMO CES 2020 coverage this year. OWC’s new ThunderBay Flex 8 is just one of their newest products that you’ll want to check out.

TMO CES 2020 Coverage Sponsor: iMazing from DigiDNA

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iMazing's App Management screen

It is my pleasure to welcome and thank iMazing and DigiDNA for coming on board to help sponsor our CES 2020 content here at TMO this week. Covering CES is a big task and takes a lot of resources. We need the time and manpower to comb through all the noise in Las Vegas this week to filter out just the stuff you want to know about. Without companies like DigiDNA helping us do this, our coverage wouldn’t be nearly what you get today.

Holiday Sale: Free Yourself from iCloud and Finder Limitations with DearMob iPhone Manager [Sponsored]

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DearMob for Mac showing its Dashboard screen while connected to an iPhone

It is our pleasure to welcome DearMob back as our sponsor for TMO this week with DearMob iPhone Manager. A multifunctional tool to backup, transfer, and manage your iOS/iPadOS data, iPhone Manager gives you speedy incremental backups, the ability to selectively export or restore photos, music, contacts and more, with options to convert or encrypt files in the process.

Promo Codes for Remote: Control Your Mac's Keyboard, Mouse, Apps, and More with your iPhone [Sponsored]

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

It is once again my great pleasure to welcome back Evgeny Cherpak as our TMO sponsor this week with Remote, his app that lets you use your iPhone to control your Keyboard, Mouse, Apps, System Commands, Media Controls and more. You may have seen or heard me talk about this before, but now you can try it for free. And, if you’re quick, you can unlock all of its features for free, too, with the promo codes we have at the bottom of the post proper.

Download Instagram Photos, Hashtags, and Locations with 4K Stogram [Sponsored]

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Please join us in taking the makers of 4K Stogram for sponsoring TMO here this week. 4K Stogram is an Instagram Viewer and Downloader for macOS that lets you. With it, you can download photos, videos, and stories from your friends’ public and private Instagram accounts, backup your Instagram profile and import your list of Instagram subscriptions. And best of all, you can get started for free.

Defense Vertical Duo Charger - $10 Off [Sponsorship]

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

Please join us in thanking Defense by X-Doria as our sponsor here at TMO this week. Defense makes all kinds of great accessories for your Apple devices, including iPhone and AirPods cases, Apple Watch Bands, and wireless charging solutions. And, as you’ve probably seen from the site this week, the Defense Vertical Duo Charger is a great-looking, multi-functional wireless charger.

Control Your Trackpad, Keyboard, AirPlay and More from your iPhone with Remote for Mac [Sponsored]

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

Imagine being on the couch, relaxing, basking, and controlling your Mac in another room, on another floor, even in the office next door? Imagine having a Mac mini media server connected to your TV way over there and having a full-featured remote control right on your phone, fully purpose-built for the apps you’re using to watch your favorite shows.
You can keep imagining if you want, but you could also just download Remote for Mac from our sponsor here at TMO this week: Evgeny Cherpak.

Remote For Mac Adds Apple Watch Interface, With Promo Codes [Sponsored]

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

Remote for Mac on iPhone 11 Pro

It is, once again, my true pleasure to welcome Remote for Mac from Evgeny Cherpak as our sponsor this week. It’s rare that someone writes an app for themselves that immediately resonates with me, but that’s exactly what happened with Remote for Mac. As someone that has lots of Macs to control but equally enjoys doing so from the comfort of the couch, Remote for Mac is for me, and it’s probably for you, too!