Five of the best sports apps for your iphone 

If you love sport, there’s a plethora of apps available for you to download onto your iphone. Some are specific to individual sports and teams, while others cover a particular function, such as streaming or the increasingly popular and high-profile area of sports betting. You’ve also got a wide assortment in terms of familiarity, from big names that have been around since the dawn of the mobile internet to all new providers.

Here, we’ve picked out a handful that cross all these data points to single out the essential apps that every sports lover should have on his or her handset.


It’s the elephant in the room, and to discuss sports apps without including ESPN would be like omitting CNN from a review of the top news providers. The thing that impresses about ESPN is how the broadcaster emerged from the shadow of Fox to become the market leader in sports coverage online.

The app is as comprehensive as the website, and has established a dedicated userbase that goes far beyond the borders of the US. It’s highly customizable, and the first thing it does when you install it is to ask you about your favorite sports. The app is free to download, and there are a choice of subscriptions you can add for premium content such as live streams.


There are dozens of sports betting apps out there to choose from, including some names that have been around for decades, long before the internet came along. ComeOn is a relative newcomer, but has established itself as a leading supplier of sports betting services in less than a decade.

As well as the major US sports, ComeOn has become the go-to app for cricket, which makes it particularly popular in the UK and the Indian Subcontinent. Of course, the internet has prompted broader interest in what were seen as minority sports across the globe. So why not swot up on the best odds for cricket betting at a tipster website and try it out for yourself?

The Athletic

This might be a controversial choice, as it is a subscription-only app, meaning it has a fraction of the downloads compared to free alternatives like ESPN and Yahoo. However, it is proof positive that sometimes, you get what you pay for.

The Athletic has exclusive access to some of the biggest names in sports journalism. It means you get top quality content and opinions – and no distracting ads. Whether that’s worth $60 per year, though, is a decision that only you can make.

The Bleacher Report

Like ESPN, this is an app that has been around for some time, but its latest updates keep it at the cutting edge. Also like ESPN, it offers highly customizable content.

Where Bleacher Report really stands out, though is in the way it uses social media. It’s taken a clear step ahead of the competition here, and is the go-to app for fans who like to get involved in the discussion.