How to Get the Most from Your new Apple Watch

Apple Inc. produced the Apple Watch. It is a series of smartwatches with health-oriented and fitness tracking capabilities. The watch integrates Apple and iOS products. Most people use it to communicate with loved ones. But the watch has other uses. In this article, we explore six ways that you can get the most from your Apple Watch.

  1. Activate Heart Rate Notifications

Heart health is a major concern for many people. Apple introduced a heart rate detector in its smartwatch series that sends notifications when your heart rate is below or higher than normal. Activate the feature in the companion app section of your Apple Watch. It will ask you to select a threshold and the smartwatch will alert you when you are inactive for 10 minutes.

  1. Change the Wrist-Raise

Hole19, a popular golf application developer received a complaint about having to activate the app frequently while playing. The Apple Watch settings menu has a Wrist Raise icon. You can set it to show when you are active or always. Lift your wrist to see the last app setting you have been using. The watch uses an advanced communication technology that enables you to connect it to an iPhone and change the wrist raise option.

  1. Activate Fall Detection

Apple added a Fall Detection in the Apple Watch Series 4. But you need to turn it on manually. The watch offers assistance when it detects falls. It is important to activate the feature once you enter your data in the Health application. Go to your iPhone’s Apple Watch application and click on My Watch tab. Scan the Emergency SOS and tap on the Fall Detection. Generally, active people trigger more false positives than inactive people.

  1. Track Your Sleep Pattern

Apple is developing a built-in sleep tracker. Garmin and Fitbit use sophisticated sleep tracking technology. You can install their apps on the Apple Watch to track sleep. Besides, the App Store has a wide selection of sleep tracker applications.

  1. Unlock Mac from the Watch

Consumers with complete Apple gear can access different Apple Watch features without entering their passwords on Mac. But, you need to have a new Mac that runs macOS Sierra 10.12. Sign your Mac and Apple Watch in one iCloud account before you pair them. Select System Preferences on your Mac; choose Security & Privacy then the General tab to unlock your Mac.

  1. Add Music to the Apple Watch

Apple Music streaming is available on Apple Watch. You can add new music and connect it to AirPods. Select the companion Watch application and tap the Music icon. You can choose the automatic sync option to update your playlist regularly. Or, you can add songs by album, playlist, and artist. Apple Watch has a Spotify app that helps you play music from the Spotify library.

Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches globally. Some Series 3 Apple Watches are LTE-equipped and they can connect to different mobile networks thus eliminating the need to use an iPhone. But, certain watches aren’t compatible with iPhones. Apple Inc. produced new Apple Watches in February 2020 that have pre-installed watchOS 6 and can connect to an iOS 13 iPhone.