Handy Apple Calendar – iCal

If you use Apple devices, you should check a handy calendar application, which is called iCal. Most of the users leave positive feedbacks for this lightweight application, which helps to keep everyday life well-organized. You can add your upcoming events and let the application send you on time reminds. It is even possible to share important events and meetings with your colleagues, family members, and best friends.

Such apps are very useful for students. When the end of the semester is coming, and you still have to write your research paper, you can write a note pay someone to write research paper in your calendar to remind yourself that you should find a good and affordable writing service online as fast as possible.

Let’s get started with iCal

To start using iCal app, you have to press the icon, which is placed in the dock by default. Once you launch the iCal application, you will see a displayed window, which looks like this:

You will face no problems using iCal’s interface even for the first time. It is easy to understand and navigate. At the left side, you can see a list of calendars and a date browser, which you should use for selecting the right date. The largest part of the app is devoted to viewing the major events that will take place soon.

How to add new events to iCal?

Let’s get started with your new event. You can see in front of you the big calendar viewer. In the beginning, it is empty offering you enough space for you to add important events. You can add whatever you want here by pressing the date where you want to add something. This is how you create new events. You can write some notes about a new event here.

At the right side of the main window, there is the drawer view. This is the place where you can change the settings of the upcoming events.

You can change the time of the upcoming event. You can set it as an all-day event. Your event can repeat itself at a given basis. For example, “Fitness” can be set to be repeated every week. You will get the remind every week at the same time. Users are allowed to set the alarm for the upcoming event. You can choose which of your calendars the event will belong to.

How to add new calendars?

By saying new calendars, we mean new categories. It is very convenient to have a separate category for each member of your family, or if you use iCal in the office, you have a different category for certain work projects.

To add a new calendar to iCal, you have to double-click on the white space in the list of existing calendars. Once a new calendar appears, you should give it a new name to keep things well-organized. Check “Drawer” settings if you want to modify it a bit. You can control-click the white space to activate a little menu. It is recommended to make a new group and to place the rest of the calendars there. People who have many calendars should not ignore this advice, as it helps to stay organized. Try it! Create a new group and place calendars to it.

How to view calendars?

iCal is a very easy application. All your calendars will be fulfilled with numerous events very soon. To make your calendars easily accessed, you can hide/view some calendars by checking/unchecking the boxes, which are placed at the left side of your calendars. If you uncheck the box, all your events will not be displayed. You can also check/uncheck an entire calendar group and to hide/show all your calendars.

How to change the color of your calendar?

You must control-click the name of your calendar in the calendar list. In case, if you can’t see the calendar list on the left side of the screen, press “View” and then “Show Calendar List”. Now you must press a colored circle and choose the most matching color for your calendar. You can also choose a color from the “Colours” window.