Here are Some of the Awesome Things you Can do with your Smartphone

Your mobile phone is a powerful piece of tech and it can be used for way more than just the usual social media use. Android and iPhones can also be customised with settings and app downloads, so you can really make the most out of your device.

Compass and Barometer

Your phone is packed full of various sensors. Some of them include a compass, an accelerometer and various other gadgets too. It’s very easy for you to use them in your day to day life, and sometimes you can download apps which provide you with even more settings to tweak.

Play Games

If you are one of those people who love to play games on the go, then you’ll be glad to know that your smartphone is the perfect device for that. The best thing about the Android software is that a lot of it is open source. This means that anyone can create games and upload them to the Google Play store. If you have an iPhone, then go onto the App store to view thousands of games and puzzles. It’s that simple, so you can say goodbye to those long and boring train journeys.

Bet Online

Another thing that you can do with your phone is bet online. When you download some of the top betting apps out there, you will be able to choose how much you want to bet, who you want to bet on and so much more. What’s even more interesting is that you will also be able to take advantage of certain bonuses too, which are sometimes only available to mobile users. This is great if you want to place accumulator bets using an app, so keep that in mind the next time there’s a big horse race or even when a great football matchup gets announced.

Search with your Voice

A lot of Android smartphones give you the chance to take advantage of voice search. The only thing that you need to do is use the voice search function. You can do this hands-free, 24 hours a day. Just say OK Google and usually, your phone will listen to your command. Some phones, including the Moto X will have a listening core which means that you can say the command even if your screen is turned off, so this is a very cool feature that you’ll want to take advantage of. The iPhone also comes with a similar function, known as Siri.

Access your Bank

Another great thing that you can do with your smartphone is access your online bank account. Normally with a phone this would be very awkward because you’d need to type in your username, your password, your memorable information and tons of other bits. The best thing about downloading a banking app is that it can recognise your thumbprint if your phone has a sensor. This gives you the chance to login to your online account without even clicking a button!

Remote Lock

Do you feel as though you are always losing your phone? If this is the case, then you’ll be glad to know that Android have you more than covered. Google has unleashed a great new feature called the Android Device Manager. When you enable settings like this, you can then track your phone whenever you lose it. You can even wipe and reset it if you ever feel the need to. The only thing that you need to do is enable the Android Device Manager. Locking your phone is also another option, so that if someone else is using it, you can instantly shut them out.

Scan Barcodes

Your smartphone will probably come with a nice, high-resolution camera. If you want to be high-tech then you can use it to take pictures of barcodes. You just need to download a barcode scanner when doing this. When you do, you will soon find that it’s easier than ever for you to get the result you want.

Access your Chrome Apps

If you are jealous because your friends keep on telling you how everything works seamlessly across Apple devices then you’ll be glad to know that you can do a very similar thing with your Android phone. Just login to Chrome and make sure that you use your Gmail ID. If you use this same ID across all of your devices, then you can sync everything you want. The best thing is that everything will be connected, including your history, your bookmarks and even your tabs too. The icing on the cake is that even though your Apple friends will be limited to Apple devices, you can use Chrome on just about anything.

Fitness Tracking

Do you not have a fitness tracker? Maybe you want to be able to flaunt the amount of steps that you take every day. Either way, you have nothing to worry about because your phone can easily give you all of the help you need. Your device is packed full of sensors. Some of them include a gyroscope, a barometer and a compass, as mentioned above. When you combine all of this stuff together, you will soon find that you can track all of your activities and you can also see how much you are walking, running or even sleeping every single day. You can download Google Fit if you want to take advantage of this even more. If you have an iPhone, consider investing in an Apple Watch.

Of course, your smartphone can be used for so much more than just texting and making phone calls. With a simple app download, you can turn your phone into a much more revolutionary piece of tech, and when you do, you will unlock a ton of potential and this can make your mobile device way more fun to use. If you want to get the best result out of the above then make sure that your phone is updated to the newest version and also try and experiment with different apps until you get the experience you’re looking for.