How and why to achieve popularity in TikTok

The growing popularity of the social network makes network users think about how to get TikTok followers quickly. Within a year, the competition may grow at times and then it will be much more difficult to capture a part of the audience for yourself.


  1. TikTok Features
  2. TikTok cheating online
  3. How to create a profile
  4. Hashtags for promotion
  5. Conclusion

TikTok Features

The Chinese social network outpaced Instagram in 2018 in terms of the number of uploaded videos (711 against 411 million installations). Last year, the service reached the 4th position in terms of the average amount of time spent in the app among users from Russia. Only Instagram, VK, WhatsApp and Viber are higher.

If you want to bring your account to the TOP, you should start today, while TikTok is still in the development stage. The social network is aimed at providing entertaining, exciting content, which is the key to successful promotion of followers.

The TikTok app is mainly used by young people, who along with the algorithm pay attention to such metrics as likes, followers, comments and views. Users who have recently created their account may find it difficult to promote their account, so it is worth resorting to the help of specialized cheat services.

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Cheat in TikTok online

There are not so many services for increasing likes in TikTok online and other metrics in the network, unlike analogues for other social networks. These sites allow you to buy TikTok likes and get the necessary number of followers for your account for money. It should be understood that followers are bots that will not be able to show any activity.

The advantages of specialized services are:

  • Quick result: the cheat is performed quickly, you do not need to do anything, the system works automatically. In a couple of days, you will get a result that would have been achieved on your own within a few months.
  • Extensive range of services: you can buy TikTok views, likes, followers or comments.
  • Quick payback: but only if you have high-quality content, you can start earning money from advertising.

When purchasing bot followers, it is important not to overdo it, as you can get blocked or cause suspicion from advertisers. Accounts filled only with an inanimate audience can’t earn money.

There are also services on the Internet where you can give tasks to real users (subscribe, like, leave a comment). Thus, you artificially create activity that puts your account in the TOP and allows you to get real followers.

The most effective, but also expensive way is to PR your account with other users. This method allows you to get TikTok followers who are interested in receiving your content. You should order PR from promoted bloggers whose topics are similar to yours.

After receiving 5-7 thousand followers, you can order mutual PR, continuing to get new followers, but without spending your money.

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How to create a profile

In addition to high-quality content, it is very important to pay attention to the design of the account, which ultimately affects whether the user will subscribe to you or not. Description, nickname, photo all this should clearly indicate the promoted topic or your personality. We recommend leaving a call to action in the profile header.

Posts must clearly reflect the subject of the resource. By creating, for example, humorous content, you will gradually collect a target audience that is interested in this particular topic. If you drastically change your content to sports, politics, or anything else, you will probably lose your audience.

When recording a video, it is important to consider the technical component (picture, sound component, editing, etc.). High-quality video captured on a good camera is more likely to get views.

Tips on how to promote an account in TikTok

  • Use popular soundtracks-regularly take an interest in new developments in the field of music, use only those that are heard by young people.
  • Create only high-quality videos – if you are shooting yourself, pay attention to the external style, shoot on a beautiful background and pre-record the script.
  • Make a schedule of publications – the algorithm is more loyal to accounts that regularly and preferably at the same time publish posts.
  • View your competitors ‘profile – regularly track your competitors’ updates and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Some points can be adopted, while maintaining your own style.
  • Announce – spread the news about the release of a new video on other social platforms. This is especially true if you have a large audience. By submitting the original material, you motivate the audience to watch the video.

Hashtags for promotion

Do not forget to use the hashtags underneath the posts. These are tags that users can use to find your account and subscribe to. The additional audience obtained from hashtags is the target audience, the core for further promotion.

Beginners are not recommended to start with high-frequency queries immediately, since your post is likely to get lost in the feed. It is better to use not the most popular hashtags that are linked to each other. You can add the name of a city to a popular word to get an audience from your home region.

The set of hashtags under posts usually does not change, only words can be added in accordance with the subject of the video. Regular posting with thematic keywords will let the algorithm know that you are serious.


Use all available methods in TikTok for promotion, so you can achieve maximum efficiency. Be active, communicate with the audience, respond to comments, regularly negotiate mutual PR and periodically win followers. By doing everything together, you will significantly speed up the process of account promotion.