How Apple Technology Keeps Their Players Safe Online

Using desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones to play games is a lot of fun. Millions of people around the world regularly use a device to play online games, with Apple being one of the leading manufacturers. Macs, iPads and iPhones are extremely popular and are often used to play the latest online games thanks to their incredible performance.

However, there is a more serious side to using Apple devices and that’s player safety. If you are playing online casino games for example, you will be adding personal information in addition to making payments. It is vital all of your personal and financial details are kept safe but how does Apple technology keep their players safe online?

Looking at the most recent Apple Mac devices and they come complete with the Apple T2 chip. It includes the Secure Enclave coprocessor and it is this which is responsible for the secure boot, Touch ID, and encrypted storage capabilities of the latest Mac computers and Apple mobile devices. The Touch ID is very clever and this allows you to use your fingerprint to unlock the device, thus preventing anyone else from accessing it without your permission. The Touch IDalso completes passwords and makes payments using Apple Pay.

The second set features highlighted above are especially important when it comes to playing online games. When logging into an account at an online casino, Touch ID prevents your password from being copied and your payment details from being stolen. If you are playing at a good online casino, they are sure to have the latest SSL Encryption technology in place but the Apple Touch ID adds an extra layer of security.

One of the many things you will do when using an iPad or iPhone is downloading apps. You may choose to download the latest NJ mobile casino app and when doing so you will want your device to protect you from malware. Thankfully, technology including XD (execute disable), ASLR (address space layout randomisation) and SIP (system integrity protection) are all part of the latest Apple devices. They work together to make it extremely difficult for malware to damage your device.

In addition, you will always be asked if you want an app to have access to your files. The files can include documents, images and folders. As you are likely to be continually logged in to your Apple account, some gaming apps will also try and link to your iCloud Drive. To be able to use the full features of some gaming apps, they may need to have access to some of these things but Apple will always ask for your permission before providing access.

Finally, you could be using your iPhone to enjoy online casino games when using public transport or enjoying refreshments in a café. It is possible to place the device on a table or seat and leave without picking it up. It does happen but there is no need to worry when using Apple devices as the T2 Security Chip means you are the only person who can reactivate the phone or iPad. This is very important, especially if you left the device halfway through a game.