How Does the iPhone 12 Cope with Modern Games?

The iPhone 12 came out on October 23rd, so the latest release from Apple is now available directly from the software giant and a handful of select retailers. So far, the reviews have been good, and iOS users are happy that the most recent handset is in keeping with the standards the Silicon Valley company has set over the years. However, the biggest revelation is the fact that the iPhone 12 has finally jumped on the gaming bandwagon. Previously, Android devices were far and away the best choice for mobile gamers who loved to while away the hours on Angry Birds or Clash of Clans, yet it appears as if Apple is encroaching on Android’s territory.

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Apple & 5G

One of the biggest reasons for Apple’s iPhone 12 to be gamer-friendly is the development of 5G software. Currently, 5G is only available in certain locations around the world; however, this is set to change. For instance, the EU has an action plan to ensure at least one city in EU nations provides 5G access. As technology becomes more accessible, more and more smartphone customers will expect it since it’s the latest in cutting-edge tech. From a marketing perspective, this is simply something Apple couldn’t ignore, and it’s great for gamers as the peak and average data rates are incredibly powerful. Compared to 4G, fifth-gen technology can support an increase in traffic capacity and network efficiency of one-hundred percent of the usual rates. This means gamers, whether they prefer the likes of Netent casinos or free-to-play platforms, will receive an enhanced user experience due to the iPhone 12’s faster speeds and network capacity.

The A14 Bionic Chip

Fifth-generation capabilities alone would make the iPhone 12 very mobile gamer-friendly. True to form, the developers at Apple didn’t stop with 5G. Instead, they included an A14 bionic chip, too. The first of its kind, the processor contains 16 neural engine cores that are for more than power. Sure, the upload and processing speeds are super strong, making gaming more reliable, yet the chip is also designed for AI learning. For example, Apple says it’s 80% quicker when it comes to machine-learning as it can complete11 trillion operations per second. With AI and VR becoming very popular within mobile gaming – think Pokémon Go – the A14 processing chip is one to watch for the future.

Battery Life

Most users would expect the extra power to leave them without much juice, but the iPhone 12 is pretty impressive with regards to its battery life. Reviews might say it’s not as efficient as older models, but they point out that 5G software and an A14 chip are the most powerful smartphone components on the market, Typically, there is a trade-off – more power leads to extra power consumption. This is the case, yet the reports say the iPhone 12 can easily handle heavy use, which means you can expect it to last for up to eighteen hours. If you’re a commuter, the fact that mobile gaming has never been better, according to Wired, directly reflects on your boredom levels. Plus, you know your phone won’t die halfway through!

The iPhone 12 copes with modern games via its revolutionary chip and use of 5G technology. Also, it retains a decent amount of battery life, meaning it’s a powerful and reliable choice for gamers.