How to Choose the Right MacBook for You

You’re about to purchase your first Mac?

Many people make a mistake with that. They decide that the best Mac laptop for their needs is the one they can afford. Some don’t have a limitation to their budget so they opt for the most expensive version on the market. Others have a precise amount to spend, so they buy the most expensive Mac they can afford. Some would like to spend as little as possible, so they choose the most affordable Mac on the market.

Look; we’re not being delusional here. Of course, the price makes a difference. But there are other, more important factors you should consider.

You’re wondering “which Mac should I buy?” There are few other questions to ask:

  1. Do I Need It for Traveling?

So you want a MacBook to accompany your trips. Maybe you’re a blogger, so you need a fully-functional laptop that’s easy to carry around. A tablet wouldn’t provide you with all functionalities that a laptop can.

Or maybe you’re a student who takes frequent road trips. You want to take online courses and write papers while exploring the world. Many students do the same, but they have to use an essay writing service in Australia if they don’t have a functional computer that makes writing easy. What MacBook is the right one to buy in that case?

The MacBook Air is often the most attractive option for buyers, since it’s superior to the standard MacBook. But for traveling, it’s important for the laptop to be light. If you don’t need tons of power, the standard 12-inch MacBook is the right option.

The problem is that it has only one USB-C port. It serves for hooking up devices and charging, so you’ll have to choose one of these options at a time.

It comes in two storage options: 256GB and 512GB (for $1,299 and $1,599 respectively).

  1. Do I Need a Lot of Power?

This is the most important question to ask. Professional writers, for example, need more powerful devices. Their MacBooks should support the research and writing process, provide a lot of memory, offer loads of battery time, and have a screen that’s larger than average.

PhD students also need more power. Many of them buy unique dissertation online because they lack functionality in the device they use. They have to research, create charts, measure results, and write endless pages of content.

But for graphic designers and programmers, power is even more important. They need the highest-resolution display, and they care about what’s inside.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro is the most powerful option you have. It also comes with 256GB or 512GB storage, and it costs $2.399 or $2,799, respectively. Under the hood of the 512GB version, there’s an 8-core 9th-generation Intel Core i9 processor. You get a big screen that keeps you focused and relaxed. Side-by-side web browsing and document editing is great on such a screen, so even dissertations are less of a challenge.

  1. What’s the Best MacBook for Universal Use?

Let’s say you don’t have particular needs. This is your first time buying a MacBook and you just need a computer that would meet your daily needs. You like to browse online, you take few online courses, and maybe you maintain a blog.

What’s the best MacBook for an average user?

We need to talk about the device that achieves the best balance between functionality and price. It’s the MacBook Air. It’s a lot like the MacBook Pro, but it’s more affordable and more accessible for those who need tons of power.

The keyboard is amazing, which makes it perfect for writers. It has a 13-inch Retina display and two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

It comes in three models: 128GB and 256GB Touch ID (for $1,199 and 1,399 respectively), and the version with 128GB storage and no Touch ID (for $999).

Which MacBook Should I Buy?

When you decide to buy a MacBook, you should be very careful about the choice you make. None of these laptops are cheap. Even if you buy the most affordable one, you’re wasting your money if it’s not the right choice for you.

You should be aware of the advantages and disadvantage of all models. Most of all, you should be aware of your needs.

Display, storage, battery life, power… all these aspects matter.

Don’t make a rushed decision. Evaluate your needs and choose the best MacBook! The guide above will help with that.