How to find the best slot games for iPhone

There is no doubt that Apple’s iPhone smartphones are one of the most popular devices in the world at the moment and that trend only looks likely to grow exponentially, unless something significant happens to the global conglomerate that forces current fans to turn to rivals such as Samsung and Huawei, to name a few.

In what was an unprecedented move at the time, Apple confirmed back in 2017 that they had surpassed 900 million devices and were continuing to grow in each of their five geographic states.

Luca Maestri, Apple’s finance chief, said on the conference call:

“Our global active installed base of iPhone continues to grow and has reached an all time high at the end of December. We are disclosing that number now for the first time and it has surpassed 900 million devices, up year over year in each of our five geographic segments, and growing almost 75 million in the last 12 months alone.”

Importance of smartphones in daily lives

Smartphones have, of course, become hugely important tools of our daily lives and it would not necessarily be wrong to say that they have become an extension of our bodies. Before leaving the house/ workplace/ eating establishment etc. many will look to check that they have their device before they even consider looking for other such items like wallets/ purses/ keys etc.

One reason why such a thing like that now occurs is probably because of how much we are able to do with these relatively small devices (unless, you have a Pro model, of course). There are a number of different things that we are able to do with our handsets now that maybe a decade or so ago would not have even thought possible.

Gaming on the rise

One such thing is online gaming. The rise in the availability of smartphones such as iPhones has had a huge effect on the gaming industry as many consumers are now able to get their fix without having to use the traditional consoles that required being sat at a television screen or monitor.

With the built-in processors and software that Apple’s iOS accommodates for, there are a number of opportunities for game developers to get involved and cater to a wide range of gamers, whether it be via the App Store or through a webpage that has been fully optimised for gameplay through a browser.

The latter method is, arguably, where a growing trend of gameplay has been coming from over the past few years, with players looking to avoid downloading unnecessary apps that take up too much space on their devices or push through several annoying notifications on an extremely regular basis.

Online slots continue to grow alongside evolution of iPhones

Online slot machines have seen their popularity increase over the years because gamers are able to access their favourites just as easily as they would when sat on a desktop computer or at a laptop.

Therefore, there is a clear market for industry developers to continue to make their products available on mobile devices, as this will help to bring in new players, whilst also retaining the majority of their current clientele as the traditional methods appear to start to take a step backwards as players look for top mobile casinos.

However, finding the best slot games to play on an iPhone can be a difficult challenge as there is not one place for players to be able to go and access all their favourites with ease. Well, there wasn’t…


SlotCatalog is a rapidly growing internet platform for players, casino operators and game developers that has their main goal to become the most competent online Slots Game Catalog available.

They are clearly on the path to becoming the very best in the space of the industry that they are in as well, as they have managed to build a comprehensive website, making it a one-stop shop for all things about online slot games.

SlotCatalog boasts a database of over 16,000 games that is continuously being added to, with over 1,700 casinos being listed. Some of the benefits that the company bring to their users are comprehensive guides and reviews of the slot machine games in their database, they provide visual information about all the games, whilst also boasting that they are multilingual in 23 different languages – although they do provide a feeling that that total will increase in the near future. These languages include: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Norwegian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, French, German, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Danish, Finnish and Vietnamese.

Slot Rank system

However, perhaps one of their more unique features is their Slot Ranking system. This system ranks each online casino game based on the exposure that it is receiving from online casino lobbies. This metric is calculated by the average lobby position for a game in different online casinos.

What’s more is that this ranking system is not just limited to one or two regions. SlotCatalog have detailed data regarding positions in online casino lobbies for 37 different markets, with countries ranging from Australia to Vietnam.

With over 14,000 free playable games in their catalogue, SlotCatalog lists the mobile casinos they have on their database in a number of different ways, with their choices being the default option to begin with.

Further down the page, you can find plenty of information regarding everything to do with playing at a mobile casino, ranging from the advantages and disadvantages that they both can bring, as well as explanations about various topics.


It is clear that iPhones continue to remain one of the most popular smartphones currently available in the market and one that online casinos will need to continue to accommodate to as players will want the very best experiences when playing games. However, they will need the best resource to find those games.

Therefore, SlotCatalog are clearly a top-quality resource for those wanting to use their iPhone to play the best games available and is a website that needs to be used to ensure players get the ultimate experience.