How to Install and Use TutuApp on a Mac

TutuAppStore splash screenFew people would disagree that TutuApp is one of the best and most comprehensive third-party app installers ever released. It was first released as a way of plugging the gap while we waited for a new jailbreak to be released but has since become popular for millions of iOS users the world over as an alternative to the official app store.


Because it offers thousands of apps, games, tweaks, emulators, and more, most of which cannot be found in the official app store because of restrictions. It’s all free and, even better, if you own a Mac computer or laptop, you can now install it on there.

How to Download TutuApp on Mac:

Following the app store’s success with iOS users, the developers opted to release an APK version for Android users. They didn’t give TutuApp support for desktop use, but by installing an Android emulator on your Mac, such as BlueStacks or Nox Player, you can install the APK file and enjoy all your favorite apps and games on your desktop.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. The first step is to download Nox Player or BlueStacks Android emulator onto your Mac. These are recommended emulators, two of the best, and both are free to download.

  2. Once the emulator is on your Mac, open it, and set it up – you need to use your Google account to sign in. These are free to get if you don’t have one.

  3. Download the TutuApp APK file to your Mac and save it where you can easily locate it

  4. Go to the emulator and type TutuApp into the search bar.

  5. Click the result when it appears on the screen, and it will be installed.

  6. Alternatively, go to where you saved the APK file and drag it into the emulator.

  7. Once TutuApp has been successfully installed, you will see the icon on the emulator home page – it is now ready for you to use.

  8. Click on the icon, choose your app or game from the store and install it.

TuTu app running on Dell

Why You Should Use TutuApp on Your Mac:

Your Mac computer offers several benefits over using an iPhone or iPad. For starters, you can make use of the significantly larger screen, great for gaming. You also get to use your computer’s RAM, storage space, processors, and all the other resources your Mac has, enhancing your gaming and app use. On top of that, TutuApp provides you with another app store to use instead of the Mac store. And everything in TutuApp is free – the Mac store apps often cost quite a bit of money.

Fixing TutuApp Errors:

TutuApp is one of the more stable app stores, but some Mac users have complained of one or two errors that arise. Luckily, these are all pretty easy to fix.

  1. White or Blank Screen

A common error is easy to fix. Remove TutuApp from your Mac and reinstall it using your choice of Android emulator.

  1. TutuApp Won’t Download, or The Icon is Greyed Out.

Another common error and resolved the same way – delete TutuApp and start over; you should find it works okay this time.

As an aside, although this may not be the issue with all Mac computers, one of the commonest reasons for an app not installing is lack of space. If you think this may be your issue, go through your computer, delete unused files, uninstall unused apps, and transfer your media files to the cloud or an external storage device. In short, do some house-keeping and tidy up a bit. Try installing TutuApp again, and you should find it installs without error.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Because TutuApp is not an official app and it contains third-party content, we do tend to get a lot of questions asked – these are the most common ones we get:

Is TutuApp Safe To Use?

Absolutely safe, we can guarantee you that. Not only did the developers put a great deal of work into creating a safe app installer for you, but they also monitor it regularly to ensure nothing nasty is lurking to harm your data or computer. You don’t need any special permissions to install it, just your Google account to sign into the emulator. The developers also promise never to sell your information, and they issue regular updates, not just to keep things safe but to bring you new content. However, you should also take responsibility for your own safety and install good antivirus software. And if you use a reputable VPN, you get an extra layer of security, and your online presence and identity are kept safe.

Does TutuApp Have Any Viruses?

No, it does not. The development team is incredibly active, constantly monitoring for problems and fixing any that arise immediately. You need to ensure that you install those updates to keep your system safe and, as mentioned before, use good antivirus software as an added layer of protection.

What is the Difference Between TutuApp Free and TutuApp VIP?

The free app store offers more than enough content for most users, with thousands of apps, games, and more for free. However, you can upgrade for just $6.99 to the VIP version, which offers more benefits – more content, no irritating ads, no download and installation limits, much faster download speeds, and more. Until recently, the VIP version was not available for Android users, but now it is. That means if you purchase the VIP version for your Android or iOS device, you can use it when you install TutuApp on your Mac computer, making use of all the extra benefits. And if your membership is due to expire in 60 days or less, you can get a 10% discount if you renew now.

Isn’t TutuApp Only For iOS Devices?

Not anymore. The developers found that the iOS version was so popular, they opted to develop an Android version, thus allowing many more people to use their app store. Thanks to that decision, you can use it on your Mac computer with an Android emulator.

TutuApp is a very popular app installer, offering content that Apple refuses to let in their store, mostly because of policy restrictions. And being able to use it on your Mac computer is a real bonus, providing you with an alternative app store and giving you a much better choice of apps and games to play.