How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone

What if I told you that there was a way to track a cell phone location without the owner knowing about it? Everyone would want that, right? It is possible. You will discover how in this article. You can use this information to track your child, your partner or your employee.

Part 1: Track Cell Phone Location by Number with Spyier

When you want to track a cell phone location, you need a method you can trust. You need a phone tracking solution that is decidedly the best.

1.1 Spyier- The Next-Generation Location Tracking

When it comes to tracking a phone location quietly, there is hardly any application that can beat Spyier.

Spyier Splash Screen

Spyier is a secret phone location tracker for Android and iPhones. You get the phone’s data secretly. This is not like those phone trackers you see in your phone’s App Store. Spyier offers you many features. Millions of people are using it all over the world. In fact, I have seen media outlets giving Spyier positive reviews. Let me tell you why Spyier is so good:

Web Dashboard:

Spyier is a web-based application, which means that you do not need to download any app on your phone or PC to track someone’s location. Spyier’s features can be used from any web browser that you use. Spyier offers you your own personalized dashboard.

Spyier Dashboard

Works Without Root or Jailbreak:

You can use Spyier without having to root or jailbreak the target device. Most phone tracking apps require you to root or jailbreak the target device. However, Spyier is better than all of them.

Data Privacy:

In an age where cyber attacks are popular, data security is a big concern for people. However, Spyier takes the top-notch security measures and does not save any of your private data. This means that your private data are truly yours.

Added Features:

There are a lot of features that you get with your Spyier subscription. If tracking cell phones secretly is something that interests you, you are going to find each and every one of these features helpful.

Now you know a few of the reasons why Spyier is so good. I think you understand why Spyier is used by so many people all over the world. If you want to get a clearer glimpse of Spyier, you can try Spyier’s demo available for free on its website!

1.2 How Spyier’s ‘Secret’ Phone Tracking Works?

You must be wondering how you can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. For Spyier, it involves some really ingenious ideas with perfect execution.

How to Track iPhone Location without Their Phone?

When tracking an iPhone using Spyier, you do not have to touch the target iPhone at all. Spyier’s iPhone tracker works by using the iCloud feature, which is present in all iPhones by default. Due to the iCloud feature, the data of an iPhone gets synced to the iCloud server.

Spyier makes use of this iCloud backup data to extract valuable information about the device. Therefore, all you need to do for tracking an iPhone secretly is to verify the iCloud credentials of the iPhone that you wish to track.

Spyier Verify iCloud

How Does it Track Android Phone Location Secretly?

To track an Android phone, you need to install the phone tracking app on it. This is true whether you want to use Spyier or any other tracking app. However, Spyier has designed its Android tracking app to be 100 percent invisible, making tracking Android phones secretly possible.

The app size is less than 2 MB, and it installs within a matter of seconds. Once the app is installed, its icon will completely vanish from the target Android phone. Therefore, the phone owner will never be suspicious about it.

The app runs in their phone’s background without triggering any notifications. It does not consume any battery either. Further, you never have to touch the target phone again even to uninstall the app. You can uninstall it from the Spyier’s dashboard, which opens in any web browser that you use.

Now you know all about Spyier and how it works. Let me guide you through the steps to track a phone location using Spyier.

1.3 How to Track Cell Phone Location by Number

To track a phone location using Spyier, you can follow the easy three step process below:

Step 1: Register for a Spyier account and get a subscription plan for the target phone (iOS or Android).

Creat Spyier Account

Step 2: a.) To track an iPhone, verify the iCloud credentials of the iPhone with Spyier.

b.) To track an Android phone, you can download and install the Spyier app on the target phone.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Start’ button and you are ready to track their location.

Spyier Installation Completed

Once you hit the ‘Start’ button, you will be redirected to your Spyier dashboard. All of Spyier’s features are available from here. To track the live location or the recent location of the device, you can click on the ‘Locations’ tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. It shows you the live location of the phone 24×7 along with the older locations.

There is another cool feature, called Geofence, which you can use if you want to track the phone’s location even when you are busy. With Geofence, you can set boundaries on the device’s location. If the device crosses these boundaries, you will get an alert.

Part 2: Track Cell Phone Location for Free with Minspy

Another good way to track a cell phone location is Minspy. Minspy might not be as long in the game as Spyier has been, yet, it enjoys the same popularity nevertheless. Minspy has a simple and easy-to-use interface that is designed so that even the most novice users can use it without worrying.

Further, it is quite an established app, and you will not find any issues with it. And if you ever face any issue, it has a good user support team working round the clock to assist you.

Part 3: How to Find Someone’s Location Using Their Cell Phone Number

Talking about great phone tracking alternatives, it is hard not to mention Spyine. Spyine is a phone tracker for both Android phones and iPhones that a lot of people are using.

Just like the other apps that I mentioned here, Spyine can track any phone without the phone owner knowing about it. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target phone. All it takes is just five minutes and you are ready to monitor the target phone wherever it is. As long as you don’t tell the owners, they will not find out about it.

Wrapping Up

These were the best phone location rockets that you can use if you want to track a cell phone location secretly. Review them to see how these tracking apps can work for you.