iPhone vs iPad: Canada’s Netflix and Casinos Have Their Say

Competition between Android and iOS devices has raged for years and a conclusive verdict has yet to emerge. The technical pros and cons are lengthy, as is the biased divide in public opinion. Something that everyone can agree on, at least, is that Apple has ruled the tech industry long enough to merit respect. But are its devices equally deserving of automatic validation? If, for example, we compare the iPhone and the iPad in terms of their app usefulness in Canada, will one prove better than the other? This is what we hope to discover by taking a quick look at their basic capabilities.


Despite the latest trend for bigger smartphones, evident in TechRadar’s report that the new iPhone XI Max is set to flaunt a display of 6.5 inches, they are still regarded as the more convenient handheld device. The simple advantage of being able to hold an iPhone in one hand and use the other to play instantly makes it superior to an iPad, which can be awkward even when held with both hands. One could argue how fine the approximate one-inch line is between this upcoming model and the iPad mini, but user satisfaction has the final say in all things technological.


All software available on the App Store has been tailored to the specifications of iOS devices, whether smartphone or tablet. Having said that, providers may produce variations of apps or games for different devices, meaning that, on occasion, a piece of software for one device may not exist or perform as well for another. A simple solution can be found in select providers, like Microgaming, that make an extra effort to supply users with as many programs as possible. Searching www.bestcanadacasino.ca will reveal more than 1000 game variations designed for mobile devices of any size and requirements.


This is the deciding quality that includes two key factors: gameplay and battery life. Examining statistics paints a clearer picture of what an iPhone and an iPad is generally preferred for. For example, iOSappStats conveys an interesting pattern in its listings of highest grossing apps in Canada for each of these devices. While iPhone users have brought Tinder to the top, followed by Crave and Netflix, this last app crowns the iPad list, seconded by Candy Crush Saga, which placed sixth for the smartphone. What this says is that a tablet’s display is better for apps that need a higher resolution. The downside is that a larger screen drains a battery faster and a durable phone is often considered a better investment than a tablet plus a portable power bank.

The tech industry does its best to provide for its customers, but what it all comes down to is individual purpose and budget. If paying extra for your convenience is not an issue and excellent visuals is a priority, then the iPad on your lap is the best option. A faster lifestyle, however, and one possibly prone to accidents, would be better served by a handy iPhone. With the range of apps being produced every day, fun is certainly not in short supply, but, just like software is tailored to different devices, people need to adjust their technological choices to their requirements in order to ensure maximum individualised entertainment.