Apple Shipped 2.6 Million HomePods during the last three months of 2019. That is a long way behind its competitors, especially Amazon. David Watkins, director at Strategy Analytics, told Cult of Mac why he thinks that is.

“The price is still very high…That closes the door to a huge swathe of potential customers.” “I think there’s also a reasonable amount of consumer skepticism over the usefulness of Siri as a voice platform,” Watkins continued. “Amazon and Google have done an amazing job of building out their ecosystem around Alexa and Google Assistant, in partnership with so many smart home companies. Apple doesn’t have that strength of ecosystem around Siri.”

Check It Out: Apple Shipped Just 2.6 million HomePods During the 2019 Holiday Quarter

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  1. jnaut

    I would like to see the HomePod work as a speaker without Siri or any external network connection required. For the price, having two connected to your own intranet would be a very nice sound option as well as a privacy option.

    Also, regardless of Apple’s incessant push to remove cord, plugs, cables and any type of accessory short of the power cable, it would also be nice to have a simple stereo jack to plug into it the HomePod. Bluetooth would be another option.

  2. Lee Dronick

    I have one and am planning on getting another. I use to control Homekit stuff and as a speaker for music, As a music speaker it isn’t bad, though of course there are better ones.

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