Mac for Gaming: Your Complete Guide 2019

Despite what the war of words between Windows users and Mac owners may lead you to believe, Mac owners can also grab World of Warcraft off the shelf or log in to their Royal Vegas Casino account and enjoy an unrivaled gaming experience. New developments by Apple have seen Windows users put down their pitchforks and accept that Macs do have a place within the gaming arena.

In fact, the belief that a Mac is not equipped to play your favorite game is unjustified considering Apple added the same Intel Processors used by Windows to their own models and already incorporate many of the same parts. Now that we have debunked that myth, what type of Mac is best for gaming?

More Than Just CPU

Many buyers looking for a Mac to play games will prioritize a super-fast CPU to help run 3D games. However, a fast CPU alone will not do the job. You may want to add a graphics card, otherwise referred to as a CPU unit, to your Mac. This will help it run modern 3D games where a CPU alone would struggle. Sometimes these units are integrated into the Mac and on other occasions you will need to buy one separately –do your research!

Looking for The Best Gaming Display

The Mac range boasts some exceptional display specs as they all adopt the high-resolution Retina display. However, this needs to be paired with a high-performing GPU to be able to deliver the pixels of 3D games in pristine quality. The bad news is that most of the Mac range does not offer this combination. The good news is that two options do, namely the 27-inch Mac and the iMac Pro.

What Else Should You Look Out For?

One aspect of a Mac that may not have been a priority is the devices storage. Yet, a Mac with a top-notch hard drive can improve your Macs ability to play games. This is because the standard Mac hard drive can be slow at uploading the data from the game. The solution is to buy an external hard drive and connect it to your Mac with a USB. This will allow you to run game data from this drive while leaving your other files on the internal drive, speeding up gameplay.

Which Macs Should I Avoid?

Along with the best Macs you should consider, it is important to let you know which ones to avoid at the same time. The ones to scroll past on the digital shelves are the ones with Intel HD graphics and a standard Intel iris. This includes the likes of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Instead of making these mistakes, consider any 27-inch Mac, the 15-inch MacBook Pro or if you have the wallet for it, an iMac Pro.