Mac Users! Use These 5 Effective SEO Techniques in 2021

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy and can help you drive more customers by expanding your reach organically. Unlike other digital marketing techniques, SEO doesn’t just charge you for every click or conversion and delivers long-lasting results. You can fire up your Mac, create and implement your SEO strategy, and see the leads rolling. SEO helps you improve the overall structure of your website to make it easily discoverable in Google search results.

More than 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day, and only 0.8% of those searches go past the first page. That shows how important it is for you to rank your website on the first page of Google’s results page, and to do that, you will have to pay more attention to your SEO.  Your website will make it into the top search results only when following the best SEO practices.

Getting results from SEO can get complicated at times, and if you are not following the latest trends, you will only be wasting your efforts. It is one of the primary reasons many businesses prefer to hire SEO Services instead of taking on this challenge themselves. SEO can be complicated and time-consuming, for Mac users, but if you do it right and implement the latest techniques, it can do wonders for your business.

SEO has evolved quite a lot in the past few years and keeps changing with the industry trends. As a result, the SEO strategy that worked for you a couple of years ago won’t be able to deliver the same results today. In this article, I have mentioned some of the most effective techniques that can help you drive organic traffic in 2021 all with your Macs. Let’s take a look:

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

Last year, Google announced that they would be using a new metric to measure user experience and rank websites based on user-friendliness. This new update is referred to as Core Web Vitals, and it mainly takes the following factors into account:

  • Loading Time
  • Interactivity
  • Visual Stability.

All of these factors depend on page speed, and if your website isn’t loading in time, you are already hurting your chances of making it to the top Google SERP rankings. On the other hand, if Google comes across another webpage that offers a similar kind of content but is lightning fast, then that website will be awarded the better rank.

That is why you must work on your user interface and web elements to ensure you offer the best user experience to your website visitors. Run regular tests and make sure that your website is offering a smooth navigation experience altogether.

Keyword Gap Analysis

While creating a content strategy for your SEO, you have to focus on two things.

  • Optimizing old content for SEO
  • Crafting new content from the scratch

Naturally, most companies start with optimizing the existing content because it is easier and less time-consuming. You will have to go through all the content on your website and edit it according to your SEO plan to see the best results.

However, the job is not done once you have finished optimizing the existing content. Eventually, you will have to start creating new content, and that is where most businesses make mistakes. You don’t want to end up writing content that follows your SEO rules but doesn’t offer any value to the reader. Every article you write must have a purpose behind it must not be created just for the sake of keywords.

This is where Keyword Gap Analysis can help you greatly. You can take a look at your competitors and see which keywords they are ranking that you aren’t using. It will give you an opportunity to create unique content that offers value and is centered on different keywords.

Steal Broken Backlinks

Another excellent SEO technique that can work like a charm for you in 2021 is stealing broke backlinks from your competitors. Building backlinks is challenging and requires a lot of effort, but acquiring broken links on niche-relevant websites is much easier.

First, you will have to find pages with broken links, which you can do by using tools like SEMrush. You can put your competitor’s website link in SEMrush’s backlink analytics tool and can see the pages that are broken or missing links.

Once you have found those broken links, you can reach out to those blogs and can request them to put your link in place. First, however, make sure that the content you are creating is relevant to the placement and offers clear context.

Create Skyscraper Content

Another great SEO technique that you can boost your SERP rankings is creating skyscraper content.

Skyscraper content refers to the type of content where you gather existing information and data on trending topics and create better and improved content. The trick is to search for trending topics and review the content that your competitors or other blogs are writing on it.

Once you have gone through the content, you can do more research and add your finding to existing content. Your skyscraper blog should be more than 2000 words and well-structured for readers’ convenience.

Get Rid of Toxic Links

Backlinks are pretty helpful and can help you climb up the SERP rankings stairs; they can also harm your position if they are not the right type.

If Google detects any unnatural or toxic link on your website, you can end up receiving a penalty and losing ranking points. In addition, links added to manipulate page rank are strictly prohibited and violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

That is why you must do a clean sweep of your website to ensure that you don’t have any harmful links that can affect your rankings.


If you want to boost your rank and attract more organic traffic, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and adopt SEO techniques beyond basic.  Good news is that you can adopt these techniques using your beloved Mac. The five techniques mentioned in this article are all proven techniques, and many businesses across the globe are still using these techniques in 2021. By implementing these techniques right, you will be able to see a clear difference in your rankings by the end of this year!