Are Macs or PCs Better for Gaming?

When it comes to judging a desktop computer, there are a series of aspects to analyze. Some of these tests will surmise that Macs are the superior in some areas, such as security and ensuring a protected experience, while PCs are generally better for a range of apps and software under the Windows umbrella. But one aspect that often throws up interesting results is gaming; are Macs really better for gaming than PCs? 

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Graphics capabilities are critical when it comes to gaming, and Macs may be beaten here by PCs. Many PCs have inbuilt Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, which ensures the games perform at their highest possible level. Those which don’t include such cards can be modified and there are a range of PCs that are tailored specifically for gaming, especially long campaigns with a lot going on onscreen. iMacs are designed to produce powerful graphics, but gaming graphics and graphics relevant for work or design differ and the difference can be noticeable. However, graphics might not be the be all and end all and may not be enough to switch a diehard Apple fan over to a Lenovo, for instance.  

Online Gaming 

Online gaming covers a huge range of capabilities. Fortnite, for example, needs an operating system that can respond to the 99 other users in the battle arena and not produce lag. Some PCs struggled in the earlier days of Minecraft with lag, which affected gameplay enjoyment. While browser games are gaining popularity and need a responsive system that can run on the browser. So a fast operating system, which can be found both on Macs and PCs is crucial to enhance gameplay. Other online gaming options, such as online casino, are now utilizing technology such as the live casino elements, which require some speed in the operating system to handle the live components. So its important going forwards in gaming technology that the machine can handle this advancement in gameplay across the board.

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Superficially, Macs are often said to have the better design. Both MacBooks and iMacs have a sleek and refined design that has gone through a multitude of tests in R&D to ensure that they ergonomically tick all the boxes. This affects gaming through the way in which the gamer interacts with their hardware. If a PC isn’t optimized for gaming in a physical sense, the gamer is less likely to spend a longer time playing. Some people find that PCs are clunky and aesthetically ruin the experience, while the modes of control of what’s onscreen aren’t really conducive to gameplay that brings you back for more.  

The gap in quality between Macs and PCs has shrunk over the years and the developers understand exactly what people might use their devices for. While one may be currently leading the market in one aspect, several iterations of design later may find that tables have turned. When it comes to gaming, both machines are highly capable and ultimately it comes down to user preference.