Mobile Betting: Make Your Sports Bets Accessible From Anywhere

You must have heard of the phrase “mobile betting is the way of the future.” But as studies have revealed, mobile betting is also the way of the present. Currently, most bettors are placing more bets through mobile apps like the Betway app than from their computers and laptops. In this article, you’ll learn the differences between desktop and mobile betting, how to make mobile bets, and hurdles you are likely to encounter when mobile betting.

So, What‘s Mobile Sports Betting?

Online betting providers like Betway appreciate the fact that more users prefer betting on their smartphones and tablets. As a result, you’ll find mobile online sports betting options from the leading sportsbooks. You can either access the services from mobile apps or mobile optimized websites.

It’s upon you to choose an access method that works best for you. The bottom line is, you can place your bets on the go from your mobile phone.

What’s the difference between mobile betting and desktop betting?

Mobile betting is similar to desktop betting to some extent. For instance, you’ll access the same types of bets and odds. The two differ in the following ways:

  • The wagering process and the visuals are different.
  • Because phones and tablets have smaller displays than desktops, the icons and graphics are different.
  • You can bet on the go with mobile betting while desktop betting restricts you to a particular location.

How Does Mobile Betting Work?

Every sportsbook has a different format, but wagering on mobile devices is similar to wagering on the desktop. Here’s how you place a bet from your mobile device:

Sign in to your account either through the app or mobile site. (To use a mobile app, you must download and install it on your mobile device.)

  • Select the sport you want to wager on.
  • Select game(s) you want to stake on.
  • Move on to the Bet Slip.
  • Enter the amount you wish to stake.
  • Verify your bet.

What Are The Challenges With Mobile Betting?

Mobile betting has some hurdles that users have to overcome while placing their bets. For instance:

  • You have to constantly switch pages- the biggest challenge with mobile betting concerns accessing lines/odds. You may be forced to visit different pages to see the spread, Moneyline, and the total for one game. You might not be able to view all that information at once from a single page.
  • You’ll be signed out from the app while away- the other challenge comes when you have to juggle between several apps for different games. It might not be easy to do live betting because when you stay away from the app for long, you’ll be signed out. As a result, you might miss out on the best odds while trying to sign back in. Some apps have fixed this issue by allowing users to stay signed in.

Bottom Line

After all, is said and done, the pros of Mobile betting outweigh the cons. It is easier for you to relax on your couch placing your bets on Betway as you watch the game. As the sportsbooks work on the different usability issues, wagers should consider mobile sports betting for convenience.