Morphing MS Teams to Suit your Needs

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There are several reasons Microsoft’s Teams have become so popular. Some of them down to circumstance but fundamentally the popularity of the product has been how office teams across the globe can use it to meet specific needs. One of the key drivers of this flexibility is the ability to install third-party apps for almost every conceivable purpose.

MS Teams Success

This level of success has resulted in MS Team hitting a staggering amount of 13 million users by the middle of this year. Numbers certainly indicate success, but it was Microsoft’s ability to include or at least allow third-party app developers to create some useful apps. Further, Microsoft themselves added features incredibly quickly including educational features that made the platform feel like a fully-featured product even with the base features. Features also included a number of security upgrades helping set it apart from other platforms riddled with security issues.


In general, the default features that come with MS Teams are available to every user and do also provide a level of customization. Where this truly shines is in the number of third-party apps Teams supports to bring a much higher level of customization to the platform. With a bit of research, any team leader can find the right app to improve workflow, efficiency, and overall team morale. We have provided a list of what we think are the most useful apps for a wide variety of teams.


This app provides a sketch board for the team or meeting participants. On the board a document can be set up as the board and participants can sketch thoughts and plans directly onto the sketch board for all to see. This is not the only use for one of the best teams apps in our opinion, the app can be used to help further visualize presentations and assist greatly in wireframing.


Similar to Freehand in the sense that it can be broadly categorized as a visual tool, Cacoo is more focused on diagrams. Over and above the creation of flow charts, project timelines, and SWOT diagrams the real strength of the app is the level of collaboration it brings to the team. Cacoo further, can notify users of any changes to diagrams and control who has access to them.


A lot of teams have found great use in survey apps like Polly. Kahoot! Is another option but more focussed on quizzes and looks to make education within teams a far more pleasant experience and might even border on the fun. Kahoot allows for quizzes, live games, as well as improved engagement throughout the individuals that make the team.


Many apps allow for great communication within the team; however, Mio allows for communication outside of the time. This is a great option to keep relevant stakeholders abreast with developments. This is done by being able to connect with users on Cisco Webex or Slack. The service further allows for the sharing of files and other important documents adding to the app’s overall usefulness,


The above apps show how third-party apps can broaden your MS Teams experience. While the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to MS Teams success this year its future success is determined by this ability to morph the platform to your and your team’s needs.