Must-Have Mac Apps to Enhance Your Personal Productivity

Apart from the standard applications that come with your MacBook, you can get the use of loads of other helpful apps available in the Apple App Store, as well as of those made by independent software developers. I want to emphasize the applications that can help you to boost your productivity, no matter if you are using a Mac for personal tasks or work.

If you perform a lot of repetitive tasks, find yourself continually procrastinating, or get distracted easily from on a task on your screen, you will find these apps extremely useful. Below, I’ve reviewed my top ten Mac apps for enhancing personal productivity.


This note-taking app is an excellent addition to your device. With Todoist, you won’t need to remember all your tasks as you go about your day. By installing this app on your MacBook, you can organize tasks in handy to-do lists.

It is possible to create tasks in seconds, prioritize most important activities, label favorites, delegate tasks, see your daily and monthly progress, etc. With your task organization put first, you will have a clear mind to focus on your work.

This app can be used for your professional or personal needs for free. However, there’s a paid version if you would like to enjoy additional advanced features.


If you would like to keep track of time while working on your projects, this free Mac app is your best bet. Clockify provides an easy way to calculate billable time or track your productivity while working. You can save a time entry with the task or project performed plus bill status for easy review and management.

The app also features a Pomodoro timer, which allows you to break down your work hours into sessions. When a session is done, it sends you an alert about taking a break. This technique can help you to become more focused and productive.

Keyboard Maestro

This popular automation app can help you to save time, avoid losing focus, and get more work done. By automating tasks that you would otherwise do several times in a day, Keyboard Maestro makes sure that you use your time effectively. You can use it to open and close apps quickly, switch between different apps through keyboard shortcuts, manage your clipboards, switch between windows, among other things.


Do you forget things easily or get easily distracted? Are you looking for an easy way to brainstorm? Then, MindNode is an excellent app for organizing your thoughts visually.

Once you install the application, you can start using it by simply creating a topic that you want to brainstorm. For example, if you want to create health & fitness app, you can map out your vision using MindNode.

You can add your thoughts to the original idea as branches and sub-branches. The app also allows you to re-arrange branches at any time, delete them if you want, and manage your overall thinking process.


If copy-paste is a key part of your work routine, I recommend turning to a convenient app for managing your copied/clipboard items. An excellent example of such a solution is Pastebot. This app stores and keeps tabs of items you copied when using your Mac and allows you to paste them later.

The good thing about this tool is that even if you have multiple items on your clipboard, you can paste whichever you want in any order you choose. Pastebot also lets you format a copied item within the app with the help of some built-in filters before pasting it. You can also covert styled writing into plain text.


GoodTask is one of the best reminder apps on the market today. It easily links with your Reminders and Calendar apps and helps you to quickly make new entries of things you want to do as you go.

With GoodTask, you can see your checklist and calendar in one place. Thus, you can organize and check your lists for the day, week, or month. This app helps to keep up with your tasks easier, check out which group a task falls in, and when the work should be done.


With Hazel, you can organize your files, documents, and downloads according to your own rules. This app for Mac allows you to set custom rules and automatically organize your computer files based on these instructions. Hazel saves you the time you would spend sorting out and moving files into the right folders, and thus, you can be more productive.


With newsletters and spam messages flooding one’s inbox daily, it is hard to keep track of important emails. All that stress, however, fades away when you have the right app to manage your inbox for you.

Spark is one of the most popular, free email clients for Mac users. With this app, important emails will float to the top of your inbox as soon as they are received. Rather than sending notifications for all emails sent to you, Spark will only alert when you get messages from your contacts. Thus, by being less distracted, you can concentrate on performing your current tasks.

White Noise Lite

Do you get easily distracted by external noises or activities going around you? Then, you can install the White Noise Lite app for Mac to improve your focus and overall productivity.

This app features fifty high-definition ambient sounds to choose from. Some of these include animal sounds, nature sounds, colored noises, home appliance noises, etc. Beautiful slideshow pictures accompany each sound as it plays.

White Noise Lite also allows you to create personal playlists. Moreover, it features alarms to wake you up. Once you select a sound and put on your earphones, you can block out other distracting noises and get more focused.


If you have multiple accounts on a variety of websites, you probably spend some time and effort regularly recalling passwords to these. However, you can avoid this daily hustle by installing 1Password on your Mac.

This app protects all saved passwords, user names, credit card info, and security questions in one place with one strong master password. You can install it for yourself or family, work, or business use.

Make Life Easier with These Apps

Depending on the tasks you use your Mac for, you can pick up the right app from this list for your needs. Each app comes with unique features that can help you to become more productive. For example, Clockify helps to track your time more efficiently, White Noise Lite allows avoiding distractions and focus on your work, and GoodTask makes sure you stay on top of your tasks.

There’s an app for almost everything if you are a Mac user. Most of the applications mentioned here can take care of tedious, boring, and irritating tasks that you perform every day. Also, you can also combine some apps to perform various functions for you. Explore your options from this list to find tools that can make daily experiences smoother for you and enhance your personal productivity!

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