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As you've probably already seen, the MWC99 website tracks an enormous amount of information about the progress of the tournament. Our web design team has worked long and hard to ensure that you can find the information that you're looking for, quickly. This page has an overview of the website's layout.

The website is divided into ten main sections:

  • NEWS: The latest information from the MWC99 officials. All new content on the site will be linked to from the news pages as it becomes available.
  • ABOUT: What is MWC99, how does it work, and who's responsible?
  • FORUM: Ask a question of the MWC99 staff, talk trash to your opponents, discuss strategies for upcoming rounds, or just argue about the tournament and everything related to it. Official updates will also be made on the forum, so check it regularly.
  • HIGHLIGHTS: The best teams, matches, and plays of MWC99 deserve special attention, and we'll be presenting in-depth analysis as the tournament progresses.
  • STORY: Our writing staff have lovingly crafted a rich backstory that brings the races together in Muirthemne to compete for the Myth World Cup. Watch as events unfold before your eyes.
  • RULES: This is how it all works. Whether you're looking for an executive summary of the tournament or want a clarification of a minor point, your answer should be here.
  • TEAMS: The most important part of any tournament is its players! If you want to scout out your opponents, check out their records or do a little bit of pre-match intelligence, we've got the goods for you.
  • ENTRY: If you like what you see and want to be a part of this tournament, then we want to hear from you!
  • RESULTS: The latest and greatest match reports and strategy reviews. Follow your favourite teams as they progress through the tournament ladder, scout out the opponents, or just find some great films to watch and marvel at.
  • BRACKETS: The road to the Grand Final isn't an easy one, and teams will have to fight their way past almost a hundred other teams in order to get there. This section lays down the plan of battle for MWC99.

Each major section of the website is divided up into a number of sub-sections, which are displayed on the left-hand navigation bar. The current section is highlighted in white; move the pointer over the name of another section to get a description of what it contains, and click to go there.

Basically, in order to find a particular piece of information you should think about which category we'd put it in, and then look for links to related pages. So if you want to find out about your opponents in the DE ladder, go to the Brackets page, then to Double Elimination, then find your order (the colours should help), click on your opponent's name and you'll be taken to their team page, from where you can access reviews of all their previous matches.

If you ever get lost, click on the "Help! I can't find anything!" button in the bottom left corner, and you'll be taken back here.


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