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May 31st, 2000

Calender2000 1.2
Contact And Other Information
Manufacturer: Wundermoosen
Product Home Page: Wundermoosen
Description: Calendar Application
Address: WünderMoösen
79 Bramhall St. #5A
Portland, Maine 04102
Price: US$25 Shareware
Requirements: MacOS 8.6 or later
Power PC Processor (G3 or better recommended) MacOS 9 recommended.

System Used For Testing: Apple iMac 266 MHz
Mac OS 9.0
Calendar2000 1.2 - It's For Everyone

Calendar2000 1.2
by Nancy Carroll Gravley


This easy to use shareware Calendar application seems to have something for everyone. New computer users will find it easy to install and use while offering numerous attributes that will prove both useful and fun while exploring the kinds of things that a good Mac application offers. On the other hand, more sophisticated users will find an application that is quick, relevant, and offers several attributes in one source. This updated version was released May 5, 2000.


The application comes with an extensive PDF format manual (34 pages) that is full of photos and easy to understand and follow.


The application requires OS 8.6 or later on a Power PC Processor. A G3 or better is recommended, as is OS 9.


  • Begins with the year 1 and goes to 99999
  • Calculates Moon Phases
  • Shows equivalent Jewish, Moslem, and Julian dates
  • Understands, calculates and automatically displays religious holidays that don't fall on the same day every year
  • Allows user to define holidays that do not occur on the same day every year and automatically calculates and displays them
  • Allows user to save the calendar as text or HTML
  • Offers built-in databases that include an Hourly Planner, Address Book, and Personal memos for each Month.
  • Fully conversant with leap year rules in all modes
  • Calendar Grid holidays can be colored in a separate color or personalized with an icon or both.
  • Address book allows drag and drop and understands Web URLs and E-mail addresses.

New In This Version

  • Can create Jewish Holidays above and beyond the religious holidays while in Jewish Mode
  • Can create Islamic Holidays above and beyond the religious holidays while in Islamic Mode
  • Extended the number of days (40) when creating holidays.
  • Added the Jewish holiday "Purim"
  • Can display Orthodox Easter dates in Gregorian mode.
  • Can map Planner Data to the Calendar Grid
  • Can incorporate Planner data into the HTML version of the calendar.


It took a very few minutes to become comfortable with the basics of this application. When it first opens up you are faced with a calendar in either Gregorian, Julian, or Moon Phase. The default is the Gregorian calendar with the current month displayed.

 Gregorian Calendar
 Julian Calendar
 Moon Phase Calendar

Regardless of your calendar choice, to the right will be options for an address book, memo pad, a planner, a listing of the historical events that occurred on this date, and an events page. This part of the calendar can be closed off with a click of the mouse button on an arrow at the bottom of the page. I experimented with adding an address and a note to the planner. I couldn't figure out how to do it until I read the directions, after which it was amazingly simple. Finding a blank space in the information box I clicked the mouse button once while holding down the Control key. I entered my data and the calendar to the left was automatically modified to show my new entry.

 Planner Option
 Address Option

Another aspect of this application that intrigued me was the ability to project holidays, such as Thanksgiving in the US, that do not fall on the same date each year, or Mother's Day in the US which falls on the second Sunday in May. To add both these holidays to my personal calendar I simple went to the Edit option under the Databases pull down menu at the top of the page. Thanksgiving is already included and I added Mother's Day in one simple step by naming the event and choosing the second Sunday in May from the pull down menus.

 The Edit Menu

To add them to my personal calendar I just clicked on them once. At the same time as they were added to my calendar for 2000, they were added to all future year's calendars. The lists above show additional options available to the user.


This is a versatile application that offers something for every user. Instructions are easy to access and to follow. It is a well designed application and I encountered no bugs during my trial testing. I particularly recommend it for new users as well as for anyone who wishes to keep up with days of special religious or secular significance. This application can eliminate the need to ask everyone you when a specific holiday occurs this year.


Final Score (Maximum Score is 5 Gadgies)
4 Gadgies
Pros Easy to use, versatile application for users of all skill levels
Cons More built in holidays would be a good feature
though the ability to add in your own helps offset that.

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